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Temple Run 2 Hits Google Play

A few days after Temple Run 2 was released for iOS devices, the game has hit the Google Play Store for Android users to enjoy.


Temple Run 2 is the follow-up to the one of the most popular games for mobile devices, Temple Run. Like the original, this sequel is also by Imangi Studios. Imangi Studios is a three-people team made up of Keith Shepherd, his wife, Natalia Luckyanova, and Kiril Tchangov, an artist.

In an interview with Polygon, Shepherd revealed that ideas for the sequel began even before the original was released. Temple Run 2, which Shepherd describes as “a much more ambitious project in scope”tries to “re-architect the game, rewrite it from scratch,” taking into account the suggestions that they had gotten from from fans.

The redesigned game still involves running, jumping, and collecting coins. However, it comes with several additions to differentiate it from the original. In particular, the following are the features of Temple Run 2 as stated in its description on Google Play:

“Beautiful new graphics

Gorgeous new organic environments

New obstacles

More powerups

More achievements

Special powers for each character

Bigger monkey!!!”

Polygon describes the setting of Temple Run 2 as more spacious because of the view of the sky. Furthermore, it feels more like being in an Incan environment rather than Aztec. Some noteworthy additions include zip lines, mine carts, and aerial gameplay.

On iOS, Temple Run 2 had a successful launch, getting 20 million downloads in only four days.

It will be recalled that the popularity of the original game, Imangi Studios had a tie-in with Pixar to promote the animated film, Brave. The spinoff, called Temple Run: Brave, lets users take on the role of the movie’s protagonist, Merida, as she runs through the Scottish landscape.

Temple Run 2 is free to download from Google Play. As with the original, users can still make some in-app purchases.

The game has a file size of 33M and requires at least Android 2.1 to function.

Click here to visit Temple Run 2’s page on Google Play.

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