Temple Run 2 downloaded 20 million times in 4 days!


Temple Run is a very good game and has become so popular that it is now a household name. When launched back in August, 2011, the small indie developer, Imangi Studios, had no idea how successful it would be. It is worth noting that popularity of game didn’t gain momentum until they decided to let people download the game for free a month after the release.

Free games always become popular if the quality is in par with the paid ones, and the developers aren’t really losing much, so to speak, because they can generate revenue by in-app adverts and in-app purchases. As far as Temple Run goes, it is now made available across all the major platforms and has been played by more than 170 million users. That’s of course a whopping number, and the popularity of game even made the spin-off game by Disney, Temple Run Brave ($0.99), successful. That’s the power of the trademark perhaps.

After the success of the original Temple Run game, Imangi Studios has finally gone ahead and released the sequel, Temple Run 2. The sequel has of course gained attention of smartphone gamers out there, and it’s the sequel of Temple Run we are talking about, and yes, it has been a successful launch. Temple Run 2 has been launched on iOS and it has climbed the popularity ladder of both, iPhone and iPad. The stats are in, and apparently in just 4 days, the app was downloaded by over 20 million users. That’s a huge success and eventually the developer will roll out the sequel on other platforms very soon.

As far as the game itself goes, Temple Run 2 comes with better graphics, a new and more challenging environment as well as added bonuses and powerups. Temple Run 2, like the predecessor, is also free and there are no ads or time limits as such, and the developer survives on in-app purchases.

The in-app purchases have obviously brought in more profit for the company than the $0.99 price tag to download the game would have brought, besides offering the game for free also means it will gain instant approval from people and as a result will spread faster than ever. The game was downloaded by 6 million users in the first 24 hours of launch. The game will spread even faster on Android, and supposedly it will make it to the Play Store this week, but there’s no official words on that, so fingers are crossed.

For those who don’t know about Temple Run and no idea what it is, it basically involves you chasing running character from a third-person perspective and in turn the virtual character is being chased by humongous demonic primate. Apparently, your man has stolen beast’s precious idol, so technically you’re running for your life, so better not make any mistakes while jumping or sliding, and you have to collect coins in the process which will gain you even more points.

Have you downloaded Temple Run 2? Let us know your experience.

Source: TouchArcade

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