T-Mobile Offers $70 Unlimited and Unthrottled Data Plan To Prepaid Customers


T-Mobile, looking to strengthen their prepaid plans, announced earlier this week that prepaid plans would soon have a $70 option for truly unlimited data. T-Mobile officially confirmed unlimited 4G data plans for prepaid customers at CES this week and are using the Optimus L9 to hopefully attract customers who aren’t interested in purchasing a smartphone outright. The L9 is nothing like the flagships we’ve seen recently (e.g. Galaxy S III, Note II, Nexus 4), but priced at $200 with unlimited and unthrottled HSPA+, it’s quite a bargain.

T-Mobile’s unthrottled and unlimited data plan has been around for a few months now, but was just extended to users on T-Mobile’s prepaid plans today. Additionally, T-Mobile announced their LTE rollout at their CES event noting that they want to cover 100 million users a few months down the road and 200 million users by the end of the year. The carrier mentioned that Las Vegas, Nevada would be getting LTE in the coming weeks. Reports are also going around claiming that the Galaxy Note II on T-Mobile will be receiving a minor OTA update to enable the LTE chip inside of the device.

You can check out more information regarding their unlimited data with prepaid plans on their website at the source link below.

source: T-Mobile