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In the already overcrowded room of social networking sites, a new one has emerged out of the blue and it is called Swipp. If you are an active user of Facebook and user forums on different topics, and comment and start conversations a lot, you are going to love Swipp. This is because the social network is all about commenting and talking about stuff. And this stuff can be a place, a product, a person, or just anything else that you like.

To create a Swipp account, you will need to have a Facebook account. The new social network will fetch all the data needed for your new profile from the public information on your Facebook profile, such as your friends list, your email address, and your birthday. Also, the new social network will ask you to post something on your friends’ walls so that they can know that you are on Swipp. You can deny the service from doing this, but every time you login, you will be prompted to do the same.

Once you are inside the social network, you can start commenting on the “Swipps” that you see on your stream. You can start a new Swipp by going to the “Swipp It” screen. This will be just like a status update, where you will be selecting the audience which will be able to see and comment on your Swipp. You can also control the information which goes public on your Swipp account and also for the service.

If you are a person who is active more on his smart phone, the new social network does have an iPhone app already, and an Android app is hopefully in the works. All this information is represented a very well developed graphical way. You are rate things on a scale of 10 (+5 to -5). You can then arrange the stories based on opinions, location, gender, and other factors.

To sum it up, the social network has potential for people who are into discussing about stuffs a lot. So if you are one of them, start Swipping today.

Source: PC World

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