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Surface Pro to Float to the “Surface” of Microsoft Sales on February 9

Customized Microsoft Surface-- Just the Way You Like It

[Photo Credit: Microsoft]

Microsoft was on to something when its first mobile tablet was named the “Microsoft Surface” RT tablet. This tablet marks the “surface” of what Microsoft will do in the mobile arena. Windows RT has received mixed reviews in the news lately, but the Surface Pro was thought of then as something afar off. Tech analysts made predictions about the more advanced Surface tablet, but rumors were squashed by announcements that the tablet would emerge in January 2013. It is a little late on its promise, but it has finally arrived.

It is now in the spotlight, no longer behind the curtain.

For those of you that are tired of the Surface RT tablet and want the full Windows 8 experience, the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet will arrive for sale on Microsoft’s website and in retail stores in the US and Canada on February 9, 2013. The US and Canada will get access to the tablet first, but Microsoft confirms that the tablet will make its way around the world as well. While the Surface RT tablet was inexpensive ($499, $599 + extra for a touch or touch type keyboard), the Surface Pro tablet will start around $899 (without a keyboard) for the 64GB model; a 128GB model will cost $999 without a keyboard. The following features and specs will help you decide whether to buy or sigh:

  • Two versions: 64GB and 128GB
  • 10.6-inch display (same as Surface RT)
  • OS: Windows 8
  • 1920 x 1080 Screen resolution
  • Touch and Type keyboards available separately
  • Stylus support
  • Full HD display
  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • Wedge Touch Mouse
  • Dual-Purpose Charger
  • Microsoft Office, Word, and Po

The Surface Pro tablet has the same display as the Surface RT at 10.6 inches. The Microsoft tablet has a display size that surpasses the iPad (9.7 inches), but some say that this makes the tablet harder to hold or place in your lap while watching movies and videos. The Surface Pro tablet also has greater memory storage than the Surface RT tablet does, allowing you to go as high as 128GB in your memory storage. This is where you can see the strength of Microsoft’s tablet: it looks like a mobile tablet, but acts as though it has PC capability with regard to the amount of storage space you need for documents and applications.

Not only do you get more memory storage with a Windows 8 tablet than an iPad, you also get the following new accessories:

  • Microsoft Surface Stylus
  • Wedge Touch Mouse
  • Dual-Purpose Charger

Since the Surface Pro is the more upscale version of the Surface tablet collection, it will have all the bells and whistles that the Surface RT tablet does not. One addition to the Surface Pro tablet is the Microsoft Surface Stylus. As you can tell, the stylus is provided because Microsoft has the businessman or businesswoman in mind. The stylus is also ideal for those who do not want to smear their screens with numerous fingerprints. The Wedge Touch Mouse once again emphasizes the dual nature of the Surface Pro tablet: to be both PC and tablet simultaneously. The mouse will provide you with a “PC feel” while the tablet will be easy to carry on the go. The mouse is also significant for those who, again, do not want to smear their tablet screen with their own fingerprints but still want to find their way around the web as well as the Surface Pro tablet.

Finally, the dual-purpose charger, as shown in a recent Microsoft YouTube commercial, works to charge not only your Surface Pro tablet but also another mobile device such as your smartphone. You can use the charger to charge up two devices at once so that you do not lose time charging your laptop while your smartphone needs charging. The Microsoft Surface Pro tablet will come pre-loaded with all your favorite Microsoft software and will make its way to 13 new European countries.

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