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Strong demand for BlackBerry 10 in Canada


RIM had a really bad time in 2012. It has lost its position in the industry it once used to have. The launch of BlackBerry 10 will supposedly save the company from going bankrupt. RIM committed some great mistakes and the downward spiral continued. The company had thought that the qwerty keyboard and BBM will keep attracting sales, but they were wrong.

Now that they have realized, the new platform will be attracting crowd towards the brand and make it more appealing. RIM is holding a press conference on January 30th, and on that day it will launch the new BlackBerry 10 platform and at least one phone. Regaining the trust in this competitive market won’t be an easy task, but BlackBerry brand has got its own fans who swear by it and they will

definitely buy it.
RIM is a Canadian company, and it would be great to see how BlackBerry 10 will do in Canada. In mid-December, Rogers, a Canadian carrier, began taking reservations for RIM’s first BlackBerry 10-powered handset. The carrier asked its subscribers to register if they were interested in buying the phone when it releases. Folks at BGR contacted the carrier to check out how well the response has been and below is what Rogers had to say:

“While we can’t release the total number of reservations we have received for the BlackBerry 10 all-touch device, we can say that customer interest is definitely strong and reservations continue daily,” a Rogers spokesperson told BGR via email.

Well, we don’t know what strong response means according to them, but it should be a big number. I’m pretty amazed to hear this because the subscribers have no idea about what the device or platform is going to be like. The carrier clearly hasn’t given out any information about the upcoming BlackBerry. The only information users have is that the device will come in full touch form factor and it will be running BlackBerry 10 OS. This is definitely a good sign for the company and a good start indeed.

I’m sure that majority of the people who registered themselves already own BlackBerry device and are showing loyalty. In the US, the three major carriers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile have revealed that they will be supporting the upcoming BlackBerry device which will be launched by end of this month.

Below are quotes from the major carriers:
Verizon’s chief executive Lowell McAdam told the Reuters news agency: “We’re hopeful it’s going to be a good device,” and hedged on the side of caution, he said that Verizon will carry the new BlackBerry 10 platform.
Meanwhile, AT&T handset chief Jeff Bradley confirmed the second-largest U.S. cellular giant would carry the range of available devices at launch but avoided discussing specifics. “It’s logical to expect our current (BlackBerry) customers will have the best BlackBerry devices to choose from in the future,” he said.
T-Mobile USA will also carry BlackBerry 10, with chief executive John Legere telling reporters that the company is “extremely optimistic” that the product will be successful among business customers.

Will you buy the new BlackBerry?

Source: BGR

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