Steampunk Racing 3D Android Game Review

Tired of playing the usual racing game with flashy cars? You might want to check out Steampunk Racing 3D created by Arb Studios LLC which not only lets you race but lets you destroy your opponents in the process as well. The game is set in a steampunk inspired industrial world where you will race to the death with only your vehicle as your ally.

First let’s discuss the technicalities. The game can be downloaded for free over at Google Play. It has a 28 MB file size and requires a device running on at least Android 2. 1. I suggest installing it in a device with a display size of 4 inches and above to truly appreciate the graphics. If you have a tablet then you should definitely install this game in it.

When you start the game you will be presented with three choices which are “sound, no sound and last setting”. If this is the first time you will be playing the game then choose sound if you want to play it with the sound on. The next time you start the game you can just choose “last setting”.

There are three game modes available for you to choose from. There’s campaign, tournament and time trial. There’s also an achievement section where your accomplishments are recorded. If you plan on playing the long game then choose the campaign mode but if you want a quick fix there’s always the time trial. The tournament mode allows you to play against up to 6 other players via LAN or through a Private server which you could either host or join.

As far as vehicle choices goes you will have ten choices which are as follows

  • 4-Wheel Armored Classic
  • Heavy Tank Tall Boy
  • Agile Delivery
  • 3-Wheel Scarab
  • Dozenberg
  • Drag Racer
  • Zeppelin
  • Rough Truckin’
  • Brutal Wagon
  • 6-Wheel LG04-Ohzma

You can further customize any vehicle you choose with the more than 30 weapons and abilities at your disposal.

As you progress through the game you are going to need big corporate sponsors to fund your races. Beware though since most of these sponsors have their own agenda so choose carefully.

Overall, Steampunk Racing 3D is a thrilling ride which should provide you with hours of entertainment. The replay value is high due to its multiplayer feature and is a good game to play with your friends who own Android devices.

via Google Play

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