StarCraft May Soon Run On Android

One of the best real time strategy games created is StarCraft. Despite the fact that this title was first released in 1998 for the Windows PC platform a lot of people still play this game. Proof of its popularity is that in South Korea the best StarCraft gamers that compete in tournaments are treated like celebrities.


You may soon be able to play StarCraft Brood War on your Android device as development is ongoing to make you use touch based controls to play the game. There is actually a way to play StarCraft on Android however it involves using an N64 emulator which lets you control the game using a digital joystick. The result is a laggy, messy game that will only frustrate you.

The new way to play the game is by the use of Winulator. This relatively new app, which by the way is not an emulator, allows you to run Windows API alongside ARM friendly code on your device storage. This is done with the the help of a tool called the Windows Converter Helper which converts Windows/x86-ready EXE and DLL files of any program into an ARM readable code.!

As seen on the YouTube video Brood War is running on an Android device and at full speed too. If you’re excited about this and want to test it out you still can’t since it is not completed yet. This is still a work in progress which still requires some tweaking.

If you’re looking for a strategy game which you can play using Winulator you can check out Caesar III which already works. You’ll need to get Winulator on Google Play first (there’s a free and paid version) then get a copy of Caesar III. Since this is not a normal Android game installing it on your device is going to be different with the instructions provided here.

via androidpolice