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Sony Xperia Z Will Not Go Easy on Your Wallets, Australian and Finnish Pricing Revealed


The Sony Xperia Z was launched on the first day of the CES 2013 event and that’s all what most of can remember from the event, even though Huawei had a fair bit of flagships to show off during the event. It won’t be wrong to say that the Xperia Z is currently one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones in the market, leaving all those Samsung and HTC flagships behind (including the J Butterfly and the Galaxy S III). HTC obviously was the first to launch a 1080p smartphone in the market but Sony’s new offering has surpassed it and with a huge margin. So it is evident that more and more users are itching to get Xperia Z the moment it launches in the market. But it seems like Sony’s offering isn’t going to go easy on the customers’ wallets.

Reports coming from various European retailers suggests that the Xperia Z will be priced north of $800. We’ve seen Clove UK price the device close to $850 (£528) in the UK but relatively cheaper if imported to other countries. And now we’ve learnt of two other countries which have revealed prices for the fancy new Sony flagship. Australia will sell the Sony Xperia Z at Sony Centers for 749 Australian Dollars ($791) which is relatively cheaper compared to the UK pricing we saw. Nokia’s home turf Finland will see the device sell for €739 ($988), which is substantially higher than any price we’ve seen appear so far. So it seems like the retailers are trying to make the most of it during the early days of the launch, which is expected to be in March. Only a few of these retailers actually have the device up for pre order, so it could well be that error which most retailers make (at least we hope so in the Finnish retailer’s case). The price quoted by the Australian link is coming directly from Sony, so we shouldn’t see a lot of price difference there during the initial days of the launch.

I guess Sony can afford to price the device highly in the current scenario as there’s no competitive device in the market right now. But when HTC and other competitors inevitably launch their 1080p flagships at the MWC, it will all depend on brand value. We’ve all seen excellent devices on paper, not selling well because of a better (and bigger) smartphone out there. This can be repeated this year too if HTC and Samsung manage to impress customers with their offerings like they did last year. So it seems like Sony will have to make the most of it while it can, because there’s a little over a month left for the launch of the HTC and probably the LG 1080p flagship. So let’s see how that pans out for Sony. Are you excited for the Xperia Z?

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