Sony Launches ‘my Xperia’ Smartphone Security Service

Sony announced in their official blog a new service that could help locate your Xperia device if ever it got lost.  The service which is called my Xperia is initially in its beta launching in the Nordic region and covers the Xperia Acro S initially. It will soon be made available to other 2012 Xperia models running on Android 4.0. A worldwide expansion of the service is expected this second quarter.

According to Marcin Zielinski, Sony Experience Planner, my Xperia will allow you to locate your lost device and protect your personal data. It’s also very simple to use since all you have to do is activate the app and use your Google ID to access the central login.

Some of the remote functions that you can perform are

  • Locate your smartphone on a map
  • Sound an alert to get someone’s attention – it’ll also override silent mode and wake the display
  • Lock the phone to keep info private, and ping a message with contact details or…
  • Erase both internal and external SD card info / data if required

Those eligible for the service will soon be getting a notification on their device via the Update Center app. You will then have to download the app that lets you access the service and activate it.

It’s good to know that Sony is taking steps to ensure that there is a way for Xperia owners to track and lock down the private information of their devices once it gets lost. This gives owners a peace of mind knowing that there is a chance that they can recover their smartphones or that their data can’t be accessed.

Although there are various third party apps available at Google Play that can provide you with the same service Xperia device owners will want to have this official version from Sony.

via sonymobile

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