Sony cuts down prices of its Android Smartphones, makes several Xperia variants cheaper

Sony-Xperia-NXT-Series-1To get a grip of the amplifying competition, Sony has reduced the price of its Android smartphones.  The price-cut has been announced for devices such as Sony Xperia SL, Sony Xperia U,Sony Xperia Sola, Sony Xperia GO and Sony Xperia Neo L.

The Sony Xperia L, which was earlier been sold at Rs 28,990, is now sold at Rs 25,990. Sony has also slashed down the prices of Sony Xperia U, which is not available at Rs 13,990. Sony Xperia Neo L is now available at Rs 14,990, and both Sony Xperia Go and Sony Xperia Sola are up for grabs at Rs 14,590.

According to The Mobile Indian, price cuts are due for Xperia devices like Sony Xperia S and the Sony Xperia Ion.

The reduction in prices is expected to boost the sales of Android smartphones. Sony Xperia Tipo, which is the cheapest Android smartphone to be sold in the market, has been a huge success with the Indian masses. With the likes of Samsung and HTC soaring ahead of Sony in smartphone sales, Sony had to pull a trick out of the bag. Given the fact that India hosts a price-sensitive audience, the price-drop might actually lure the smartphone buying audience to choose Sony over its rivals- Samsung and HTC.

However, the price alone is not going to be the factor to entice the audience. Sony also needs to start getting innovative in making smartphones. Sony Xperia Z, which is due to be launched this year, is Sony answer to a super smartphone. The 5-inch smartphone is expected to be the most elegant Sony smartphone ever. It’s going to come powered up with 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and 2 GB RAM.

Are you thinking of buying a Sony Xperia smartphone?

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