Silent Circle: An iPhone App Harry Styles needed to use to prevent Taylor Swift from reading his messages

Award-winning American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift allegedly wanted full access to SMS messages and emails of her former boyfriend, One Direction’s superstar Harry Styles. Apparently, Styles maybe thinking about getting back with his ex model girlfriend, Cara Delevigne, which led to Swift’s paranoia about checking his messages.  Rumor has it that Swift has already written five songs about this breakup!


What a shame for the two.  All their problem could have been resolved with a few apps.  What may have made the relationship more interesting are a couple apps that both parties should have downloaded for their dilemma. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology,there’s now a better way to protect those messages from anyone who wants to read them without permission…even if it’s Taylor Swift.

Silent Circle

Harry surely should have used an iPhone app called Silent Circle to make sure his girlfriend couldn’t gain access to his messages.  This could have hid all the steamy messages between Cara and Harry from Taylor.

Silent Circle iPhone app has been proven to provide military-grade encryption to any communication sent from a device that’s using its service. Apple’s smartphones comes packed with a default encryption hardware called iMessage. However, it cannot match Silent Circle’s heavy encryption technology that, according to Gizmodo’s report, it is being used by mercenaries in the field to protect communications.

All encryptions are done inside iPhone, which disallows any law enforcement agency to force third parties to hand over transcripts and logs. Users can also setup a self-destruct fail-safe to have all messages, images or emails deleted at a specified time. For those who more paranoid, the company behind Silent Circle also offers encrypted data and voice plans to its customers. For $20 a month, Harry Styles can rest assured that however persistent Taylor Swift is, his messages and secrets will remain safe.


On the other hand, Taylor could have also spied on her boyfriend to get to the bottom of the issue.  There are several spying apps available for her to use. She can borrow Harry’s iPhone and install OmegaSpy app on it. The app, once installed successfully, will become untraceable even by the person who installed it. If Swift can put this app into Harry’s iPhone, she can continue spying on him by logging into her OmegaSpy account. But just in case Harry is using an Android device, she can use Spy on your boyfriend SMS’s app that is offered at the Google Play Store for free and being used by really, really desperate girlfriends out there.

Are you looking forward to listening to Taylor’s new songs about this recent breakup?

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