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Sharp AQUOS Ultra HD panel unveiled at CES 2013, company detailed IGZO technology

Sharp unveiled AQUOS Ultra HD panel on Monday at CES 2013 revealing a new line of LCD monitors that come packed with the company’s newest innovation, the IGZO technology. Set to make its debut in the second quarter, Sharp has packed its new display panels with impressive features including active 3D with Bluetooth 3D glasses, 4K2K (3,840 × 2,160 pixels) resolution, built-in Wi-Fi and a subwoofer.

In 2012, Sharp was one of the companies that suffered severe financial troubles. In fact, it was the reason why the company set its new focus to building thinner, better display panels. Specifically, it was the IGZO technology that the company said it would develop to bring more advanced display to mobile devices and modern television sets.

IGZO is thinner. Sharp’s new technology features much smaller thin-film transistors (TFTs). This will enable manufacturer to make their devices even thinner than before as there is a considerably good amount of space that could be scraped off when using IGZO displays.

IGZO brings crisper picture.  Due to the increased amount of light transmitted per pixel, the display that’s making use of this technology will naturally emit brighter display producing crisper picture with the ability to zoom in dramatically allowing owners to examine details of a picture more closely.

IGZO is energy-efficient. Thinner panels are said to be naturally energy-efficient and Sharp confirmed such claim saying devices that use IGZO need a little amount of power to operate. Thus, mobile devices with considerably larger battery packs can optimize their use of power to last longer than usual.

“As we introduce Sharp’s proprietary IGZO technology into the first series of professional display products, we continue to drive innovation with game-changing functionality,” said Doug Albregts, president, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America.

With this development, it is safer to assume that there would be a lot of thinner Sharp television sets to be released within this year. However, the company needs to do extensive marketing campaigns to be able to compete with LG Display and Samsung as far as mobile displays are concerned.

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