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Send secret encrypted text messages from your iPhone

Text Fortress for iPhone

Teens these days are too much into social networks, smart phones, texts, sexts, and others. Most often, you can find teens sexting each other and letting out little giggles. Even if you are grown up and do this with your special one, there is nothing wrong in it, but you might want to keep those text messages a little secret and hopefully encrypted so that they do end up in the wrong hands. There have been a lot of apps for such purposes till date, but the one we are going to see today, takes them all down very easily.

We are going to talk about Text Fortress for iPhone today. The app helps you encrypt your text messages and keep them password protected all the time. So even if you send your set to the wrong number, you are safe, unless that wrong person happens to know the password to unlock the message. Anyway, the message works like a charm.

All you have to do is fire up the app on your iPhone. You will see two text boxes, one for your dirty little text message, and another one for the password with which you need to protect that message. Next, the app will give you three options on how you want to send this message. You can send it as a text message, as an email, or as a note. Once you select this, Text Fortress will open up the respective app. You will already see a link to your message in that new app. Just hit the send button.

When you receive such a message on your smart phone, you hit the link to open up that message. You will be presented with a screen and you will be prompted to enter the password for that message. Once you provide the correct password, the message will be decrypted and presented on the screen. So there you go, a very easy way to secure and encrypt your private messages.

If you are interested, you can grab Text Fortress for just $1 from the iTunes App Store over here.

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