Sega’s Kingdom Conquest II Now At Google Play

Sega has announced today the availability of their hit Kingdom Conquest II strategy game over at Google Play. You will be able to download this title for free right now which requires a device running on at least Android 2.2 as well as a 49 MB storage space.

kingdom conquest ii

Kingdom Conquest II combines elements of real time strategy, card battling as well as MMORPG into one epic game. The game has been available in beta version two weeks ago to those residing in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Today, the whole world can join in on the fun. If you’ve enjoyed playing the original Kingdom Conquest Game then you will also enjoy this sequel.

The game starts in a time of war and chaos. You are a lord in the land of Magna with the goal of expanding your territory and defeating as many players as you can. To achieve this you will have to build defenses and fortifications which will then provide you with the resources to wage battle. Just like any strategy game you should place your sawmills near forests, ironworks near iron mines and stoneworks near stone resources.

Your cities health will be dependent on how large it is. The larger your city the more health it will have. Your opponents will try to deplete the health of your city by defeating your army. To be able to fend off attacks you can also form alliances with other players so they can help you out when you need them.

To grow your army you will need to recruit soldiers. This can be done by exploring dungeons and collecting cards. These cards represent a type of monster which may be common or rare. Your task is to organize them into a fighting unit once you have captured them.

While the game is free to play there are some game items that you can purchase using real world cash.

The first game in this series was popular in most Asian countries. The updated 3D graphics of this sequel will definitely also make it a hit.

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