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Second gen Nexus 7 to be manufactured by Asus and released in May

New Nexus 7

Are you planning on buying a new tablet? Are you eyeing the Nexus 7? Well, if you are, here is a story you ought to know. Digi Times, the Taiwanese news agency which publishes a lot of juicy rumors is out with one more today, a rather interesting story. The online publication has reported that the search engine giant, Google, is working with Asus on the second generation Nexus 7, and we will be seeing the tablet in May.

Yes, that is a lot more tempting, but wait till you hear more. The report says that the device will have a full HD resolution screen, and I guess it is safe to assume that it is going to be 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. The tablet will also have narrower bezels compared to the first generation tablet, and is going to be a bit thinner. This makes it more appealing and mouth watering. What is even more interesting is that the tablet will cost the same as its first generation counterpart. So the second generation tablet will be available from $199 to $249.

The tablet is said to be running on an updated version of Jelly Bean. This means that Google is going to release another point update to Jelly Bean before it releases Key Lime Pie. The company will be hosting its Google IO event in the month of May. And probably will keep the release of Key Lime Pie till the fall.

And with Key Lime Pie, we will hopefully get another new Nexus smart phone. And the manufacturer which bagged that contract will make huge money selling the Nexus smart phone as they are in great demand lately. But we do not really have any news about the next Nexus smart phone.

So, are you going to wait for the second generation Nexus 7 tablet or are you just going to buy one now?

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