Screenshots of voice control, maps and clock apps on BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry 10 will be announced in a couple of weeks and it is turning into one of the most important events in the smartphone arena. BlackBerry is a really big name, and the new product is designed to take the legacy forward. The all new platform is futuristic and RIM is confident that it will survive the competition, which is a duopoly of iOS and Android. These two platforms serve 90% of smartphone population. Since this is going to be a major event, it is also the most talked about events right now, and thanks to BB10Believe, we have some pictures that will give us the inside view of BlackBerry 10’s voice control, maps and clock applications.

Starting with voice control, after Apple launched the Siri, it’s starting to look like a virtual voice assistant is a prerequisite for a high end smartphone to survive. Siri is really good, and so is the BlackBerry 10’s voice control. The voice control on this new platform is basically an upgraded version of what BlackBerry previously had on its older versions, except that this one has visual enrichment. Now, don’t expect to have a nice chat with your own phone, like you would do on iPhone, but the Voice Control on BB10 should perform fairly good at sending messages, making phone calls, typing emails or search a restaurant. RIM has kept its operating system clean and simple, just the way its target audience, the business users, would like it to be.

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Coming to BlackBerry 10 maps, we all know how important maps are for a smartphone. Apple did a great mistake by switching from Google Maps to their own maps, and that definitely had a great hit on their reputation. Users are looking for something simple that just works and RIM has got just that. As you can see in the screenshot, the maps are very simple, and as a result the load time is really fast. You can add favorites, and there are some localization features as well. According to CrackBerry, the built-in maps application for BlackBerry 10 is likely to be complemented by another service that will offer turn-by-turn navigation, such as BlackBerry Navigator or Traffic.

Next is BlackBerry 10 clock. The clock application is also straightforward with a clock, timer, alarm and stopwatch. The design is of an analog clock and again, the stress is on simplicity. This is one of the native apps you will be using every day, so it’s important that you don’t have to think while using it. You’ll be able to easily set the alarm, switch between functions and enter Bedtime Mode without any hassles.


Bedtime Mode basically lets you have a good night sleep. It turns off all the notifications from emails, social media, phone calls and sms, which is good for your sleep and health. It should be noted that bedtime model will just turn off all the notifications and everything will continue working in the background. It’s very similar to the ‘silent’ mode that we have even on legacy phones.

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