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Screenshots of Twitter and Google Talk for BlackBerry 10 leaked

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RIM will be launching its all new platform at a press conference on January 30th. Along with the platform itself, the Canadian company is also launching a device that will be using this platform. For any mobile platform to succeed, the only thing that matters is apps, and RIM seems to have that under control. RIM is making sure that they have all the important apps in their app store at the time of launch, which is a responsible thing to do.

With the launch of BB10 so close, we have a wave of leaks regarding various aspects of the device hardware and the software. Recently, there was a leak of promotional materials which showed us all the new features that will be making to BB10, and now we have screenshot of some of the highly used apps, Twitter and GTalk. BlackBerry isn’t the prettiest mobile operating system out there, but its target audience is supposed to be business users and some other users who would like to have their smartphone just do the work, with no frills attached. Anyways, Twitter seems to be the most unproductive app for business users, or maybe it is the most valuable app too depending on the way you are involved with social networks. For most of the users though, it kills productivity. Nevertheless, that’s not what we are talking about.

We have screenshots of Twitter and Gtalk apps, and we’re talking about native apps, the real deal. By the looks of it, the Twitter app is nothing fancy. It has got all the standard buttons, no surprises whatsoever. The interface is sleek and usable, though there is a lot of room for improvement. I’m guessing it’s the beta version and the devices won’t ship officially until late February, so they have a lot of buffer time in hand. Same holds good for the GTalk. The screenshots don’t actually show what the app does actually, but we all know what it does, don’t we?

RIM knows that apps are the only thing that stands between success and failure of BlackBerry 10. Unlike Microsoft, RIM cannot wait for 5 years in order to gain momentum because RIM’s only business is smartphones. RIM has taken a note of it and is working hard to get as many apps as it can to fill up its app store. Recently it had an offer for developers where RIM would pay the developer $100 for each app submitted and approved. Apparently, 15,000 apps were submitted to take advantage of that offer. Little is known about how many apps were approved. RIM has also made sure that developers can port their Android apps to the new platform easily by providing the right tools.

BlackBerry 10 surely looks exciting to me. I’m sure people have been tired of the duopoly of iOS and Android, and this new OS coupled with quality hardware from BlackBerry will be able to win the hearts of people who are craving for a change. Will you be buying a BlackBerry 10 device? Let us know!

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