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Screenshots of Photo and Video Galleries on BlackBerry 10 leaked

The release of the all new BlackBerry 10 is nearing, and I am sure that nobody can be more excited about it than the people over at Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of the BlackBerry. There have been a lot of leaks of the screens, the user interface, certain features, and much more about the BlackBerry 10. And rather than calling these as leaks, we can call them as official sneak peeks.

Today, we have a few more screenshots of the new operating system from the Canadian company. In this set, we see the photo and video gallery that appear on the operating system. To begin with, we can see that the photos are arranged in albums and there are various options for the users to choose from right on the home screen of the gallery. There is an option to go directly to the BlackBerry World from the Gallery. We are assuming this would be to discover new apps that would help you in enhancing and editing your photos.

Next, in the Music Library screen, you are offered to sync the music between your BlackBerry 10 device and your computer, and for this, you will need a software called BlackBerry Link. This BlackBerry Link is a replacement to the old BlackBerry Desktop on your computer. You can download BlackBerry Link from here.

Among other options in the Music Player, you have a list of recently played tracks, a Playlist section in which you will be able to create and manage your playlists, and the Library section in which all your music will appear in lists.

You will find similar options in the Video Gallery, along with a shortcut to the camera. Tapping this will open the camera app so that you can record a new video and save it to your Video Gallery, like in most other smart phones. We will be able to test drive all this in just a few days. Are you excited?

Source: Phone Arena

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