Samsung VC to Show off Galaxy SIV at CES Behind Closed Doors

We have all read so many rumors before regarding Samsung’s next anticipated flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4.  We have read all sorts of ‘possible features’, specifications and arrival dates.  However, Samsung all this time has been quiet about the phone – at some point some of us started to wonder if there will be any at all.  However, earlier today, there was development as credible reports emerge on the Samsung Galaxy S4.  According to MT, a South Korean website, Samsung Vice Chairman Jay Lee will be at the CES expected to kick off in a couple of days and although there will be display of the Samsung galaxy SIV, it will not be to the public.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung will show their next flagship phone behind closed doors.  The website also reports that the phone will feature a 5 inch 1080p full HD AMOLED screen and will pack an Exynos 5440 ARM Cortex A15 processor.  Unfortunately, there were no other specific details regarding the features, specs or the expect arrival date of the phone.

New Developments

Later in the day, Samsung Lebanon officially mentioned on their Lebanon Facebook page that the S4 will not be unveiled during the CES and it will not be available any time before May 2013.   The reply to a post read “What we said is only trivial since all Galaxy S series are released between late April and early May, yet there’s no way for anyone to know the exact release date :)”

Technically, the Samsung S4 will be at the CES but it is not clear who or where it will be shown.  It is a big relief though that although we will not be seeing the phone anytime within the next 5 months, we can be sure that it is now in development.

Galaxy S Screen Sizes

An alleged leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S4 surfaced on the internet a few days ago on the South Korean website MT and it shows possibly a 5 inch white smartphone a lot similar to the S4 except that it has no home button(s) on the phone’s face.  There were suspicions earlier that the S4 would be a no-show at the CES – maybe even miss out during the February Mobile World Congress, but we should expect more credible rumors and leaks beginning March.

Anticipated specs and features

If history and trends are anything to go by, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be a 5 inch monster of a phone with a Super AMOLED full HD 1080p screen protected with Corning’s latest flexible hardened Gorilla Glass II.  Unlike other Samsung smartphones, the SIV may come with the original S-Pen just like the Galaxy Note II.  The phone may come pre-loaded with the latest Android OS Jelly Bean 4.2.  With a quad core 2 GHz Exynos 5450 processor and 2 GB RAM, the S4 is expected to shake the market and set the stage of even more powerful and less power consuming smartphones.  The S4 is expected to come with up to 128 GB of RAM and up to 13 megapixels rear camera.


We are all looking forward to surprises from the South Korean company but for now we just have to speculate.

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