Samsung Shows Off Flexible OLED Panel and Energy Saving Green LCD at CES 2013


Samsung’s plans for the industry are pretty clear and if you followed the CES event, you would know better. And one area where Samsung is successful is with its hardware. Since it makes most of its hardware including chipsets and displays, there’s often a touch of uniqueness to its products. And that was evident with what we saw from the Galaxy S III and the Note II last year. However, we were also being told that Samsung has some special display panels lined up for announcement at the CES 2013 event. And today, the company gave the world a demo of the said displays and has managed to impress us all, as always. The South Korean manufacturer showed off the Green LCDs which would apparently conserve energy and the flexible OLED panels which we’ve heard so much about, dubbed as the Youm.

Let’s get started with the flexible OLEDs as they are the most interesting of the lot. Well, these display panels do exactly what the name suggests and that is offer flexibility to such an extent that it almost seems elastic. The panel as the company execs showed off on stage, can fold into two, helping save space for your pockets. This is crucial especially for a smartphone like the Galaxy Note II, which is bigger than your ordinary smartphone. The company was ready with a prototype unit of the Youm OLED panel to show off its flexibility. There’s still no word on when or whether we’ll see this display taking shape (no pun intended) in the near future. But we’ve been teased with the idea of flexible displays for so long now that we think it’s about time it made its way to smartphones. It could be a little expensive as you would expect, but when it comes to uniqueness and portability, you certainly can’t beat a flexible OLED panel.

The other major announcement of the day was Sammy’s Green LCD. From the outset, it seems like Green LCD will empower bigger sized devices like tablets and not necessarily smartphones, although we’re not ruling it out. The gripe with LCDs today is that they consume a lot of power which takes a heavy toll on the device’s battery in the end. This is something the Green LCD expects to alleviate which promises to use 25% less energy compared to standard LCDs. So that’s pretty much everything Samsung had to show in the CES 2013 event (in the display segment). I guess the company would want to save up most of its announcements for either the MWC or the Samsung Unpacked event it holds every year to launch the Galaxy flagship. Man would we love to see the Galaxy S IV with that Exynos 5 Octa chipset and a flexible 1080p display. All of this sounds too good to be real but fingers crossed.

Source: Engadget
Via: Phone Arena