Samsung Releases Video Highlighting Their CES 2013 Event

Samsung Logo

Samsung, as usual, had a fantastic event at CES this year. While the Korean tech giant didn’t show anything mobile related off, they did showcase some stunning TV’s. Samsung could be saving the best for last later this year, but let’s keep in mind that Samsung has another event at CES tomorrow, January 9th. If we don’t see mobile related news then, we’ll more than likely see something at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in February in Barcelona.

The CES event taking place today showcased Samsung’s new larger displays for TVs along with a dazzling new interface for their Smart TVs. Additionally, Samsung has upgraded the hardware in their TVs and is much faster than last year’s models.

If you missed the event today and want to take a look at the highlights from the event, you’re in luck as Samsung as releases a video featuring just that.

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