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Samsung Preparing a Fix For Galaxy S III Units With the Motherboard Issue


We’re pretty much in sync with what goes on around the tech sphere every day. There are numerous rumors coming through, speculations, device launches etc and on some occasions bad news too. One such bad news was with regards to the Samsung Galaxy S III which was reported to have a messy motherboard issue which apparently caused the device to stop working all of a sudden. While this issue could be easily disregarded as a hardware glitch, many felt that this had something to do with Samsung’s software. If you recall, Samsung smartphones have or had an exploit capable of allowing third party apps to remotely wipe data on the device, although this was something to do with Exynos chipsets and not the software. So it was obvious that fingers would be pointed on Samsung over the motherboard row too. And it now seems like the company has secretly acknowledged the motherboard bug and has already prepared an update with a patch to the bug. The info was accessed by a Dutch site named Tweakers.

This shows the commitment of Samsung to improve its products and provide optimum performance to its users. The issue apparently is only spotted on 16GB models of the Galaxy S III, so people with the 32GB GS3 can breathe a sigh of relief. Regardless, it’s a pretty annoying issue if you’re a GS3 user and it needed to be fixed. Samsung however was reportedly fixing affected devices by replacing the motherboard units for free, regardless of its root status, so that’s reassuring too. There haven’t been too many reports of Galaxy S III units instantaneously giving up on the user though, which gave us a feeling if this was an isolated case. But since Samsung has come out and acknowledged it, we can make out that it means something to them.

Let’s hope the fix rolls out sooner rather than later as it is the company’s highest selling smartphone as of now, and it would want to keep that going until the next major Galaxy flagship is announced in Q2, 2013.  There is no word on when the update will be rolled out, but Samsung has said that it only affects a limited number of 16GB models, so a minor firmware update should be on its way to the said devices. Of course, the South Korean manufacturer didn’t really make it clear as to which model numbers could be affected, so there’s some mystery over that.

Do you own a Galaxy S III? If yes, let us know if the motherboard glitch has worried you at all.

Source: Tweakers
Via: Talk Android

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