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Samsung Galaxy S3 Errors you may encounter; solutions and workarounds provided

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is undoubtedly powerful but it is not free of flaws. In fact, many Galaxy S3 users in the U.S. alone have reported they have encountered an error or two while using their phone. We did a little digging about errors and possible problems S3 owners may encounter and we created a list of those issues together with workarounds and solutions.

Galaxy S3 “No SIM” error

Problem: My Galaxy S3 is displaying “No SIM” even if I have inserted one.

Description: The Samsung Galaxy S3 “No SIM” error means the phone does not detect a SIM card, so there are two possible reasons why: first, it could be that the SIM card is defective or, second, there is a loose connection between the SIM card and your phone.

Solutions: First, try inserting the SIM to other phones. If it works just fine, then there’s no problem with your SIM card. With that, assume the SIM card cannot make a good contact with the phone. Remove it from your phone and try re-inserting it properly. If it doesn’t work still, try to squeeze a tiny sheet of paper between the holder and the SIM card; it’s not the best solution there is but it usually resolves this kind of problem.

Note: This is not about the phone being unlocked or not, otherwise, it would display “SIM Not Recognized” error.

Galaxy S3 “Insufficient Internal Memory” Error

Problem: I’m getting an error saying there’s not enough memory left where I can install new apps.

Description: Most of the times this error comes out when you’re trying to install some apps you’ve already installed before. Uninstalling apps sometimes won’t delete their directories as well as the .odex file.

Solution: To solve this problem, you have to delete the .odex files (deOdex that often have the same name as the app you’re trying to install.

Galaxy S3 Message App Error

Problem: Message App shows I got one unread message but I’m sure I don’t have.

Description: It is a known problem in Galaxy S3.

Solution: Pressing the HOME button more often solves this little problem because it refreshes the home screen. If it still shows after you hit the Home button, reboot your device and it should be gone after that unless new emails come in.

Sprint Galaxy S3 Error Code 97

Problem: Just got my brand new Galaxy S3 from Sprint. Everything is working except I couldn’t send a text message.

Description: It is a carrier-specific problem and Sprint users are the ones often hit by this problem. Error Code 97 will allow users to do everything in their Galaxy S3 except that users can receive text messages but not be able to send.

Solution: Sprint’s advice is to go to Settings => Update Data Profile. It is also recommended to reboot the device and try to send text messages. If nothing else works, customers are advised to call Customer Care.

Galaxy S3 WiFi Authentication Error

Problem: I can’t connect to my Wi-Fi at home using my Galaxy S3. My other devices can connect just fine.

Description: This was a known issue for Galaxy S3 owners as there were many occurrences of this problem after they have updated their device to Android 4.0.4. Many believe it was a bug. But just recently, several owners running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean reported the same problem.

Solution: Open Wi-Fi Settings that forget the connection, then turn off Wi-Fi in your phone for a few seconds. Turn it back on and let your device scan available Wi-Fi connections. Tap on the one you want to connect and enter credentials. You should be able to connect by now.

Galaxy S3 Play Store Error

Problem: I haven’t been able to access Google Play Store. Every time I run the app, I’m getting a server error.

Description: There were many reported cases that users were not able to access Google Play Store even if they haven’t done anything with their phone. The common workaround is to clear data of some services and reboot the device.

Solution: Follow the steps below to fix this issue.

Step 1: Settings => Apps => All => Google Play Store => Clear Data, then Force Stop.

Step 2: Settings => Apps => All => Google Services Framework => Clear Data, then Force Stop.

Note: If you can’t find Google Services Framework, then it is disabled. You need to enable it and follow the step above.

Step 3: Settings => Apps => All => Download Manager => Clear Data.

Step 4: Reboot your phone.

Step 5: Launch Google Play Store and enter credentials. Enjoy!

Galaxy S3 OTA Update Error

Problem: Over the air update is available for my Galaxy S3 but just when the installation is almost finished, it gets aborted.

Description: This is an isolated case and no one actually, not even Samsung, has provided a perfect solution to solve this problem.

Solution: Use Samsung KIES instead of OTA. Or, you can manually flash the firmware into your device.

Galaxy S3 USB Hardware ID Error

Problem: Tried connecting my Galaxy S3 to my desktop so I can update it via the KIES but I’m getting “Hardware ID Missing.”

Description: This happens when necessary drivers are corrupted or not installed in your computer.

Solution: You need to uninstall all installed Samsung Galaxy S3 drivers from the control panel of your computer. Since you are trying to use Samsung KIES, download the application and install it. All necessary drivers come with packed with it. If you are just trying to connect your phone to the computer for some reason, you can download Samsung USB drivers from here. Reboot your computer and connect your phone. It may take a few minutes before your computer properly detects your phone so be patient. That should do the trick.

We will try to add new errors if we can discover some more so it’s better you bookmark this page so you can re-access it later. So far, these are among the most pressing errors Samsung Galaxy S3 owners have encountered. Hopefully, it can help you solve these kinds of problem in the future.


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