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Samsung Galaxy S Series Surpasses 100 Million Sales Mark


We all know how globally successful the Samsung Galaxy flagships are. Well these are the devices that sell well and single handedly rule the Android world, so it must be something. It is important to note that all of this started with the original Galaxy S back in 2010, which is quite a controversial smartphone today, but one can’t argue with the impact it had on the market. The Galaxy S III which succeeded the 2011 flagship the Galaxy S II, is currently one of the hottest selling smartphones from the company, if we leave out the Galaxy Note which is in a different segment altogether. And now, the Galaxy S series have reportedly reached a new milestone which is worthy of a praise. Well, Samsung reports that Galaxy S series smartphones have now sold over 100 million units ever since the first Galaxy S was launched in 2010. This is great news for the company and a feat achieved in a span of under three years. Of course this doesn’t include the sales of the Galaxy Note series which would obviously increase the number substantially.

It is important to note that Samsung was up against a stalwart like the iPhone when it first started off, but the emergence of the bigger Super AMOLED panels made the Galaxy S series more appealing and likable for the users. In the current scenario, the Galaxy S III is easily outselling the Apple flagship i.e. the iPhone 5. As we just reported, the iPhone 5 is already seeing low demand as evidenced by Apple’s cut down in orders for the display panels. So it’s Samsung Galaxy S III all the way, although we’re not quite sure as to what’s happening over at Samsung. And as we get closer to the launch of the next Galaxy flagship, the sales are generally expected to be slow. But the 100 million mark is something Samsung will like to double if not more over the next couple of years, and rightly so because it rightly deserves every bit of the recognition it is getting right now. Stepping into the mobile scene long after Nokia, Motorola, HTC and others were established, Samsung really took them all off guard.

Obviously the iPhone sales figures would be substantially higher than the Galaxy S sales figures but we have to bear in mind that Samsung has only been in the scene for two and a half years while Apple has been making iPhones for six years now. It always comes down to the inevitable comparison of the Samsung flagship with the Apple flagship and there are always conflicting reports/opinions on these smartphones. Expect the same to happen in the next few months as Samsung unveils the next big thing in mobile. For now, it’s celebration time if you’re a Samsung employee.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Flickr)
Via: Phone Arena

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