Samsung Galaxy S IV to have wireless charging


Samsung’s Galaxy S2 was a big hit and S3 was sold even more, in fact S3 was even said to be the best Android device ever made. Anyhow, Samsung is a great manufacturer when it comes to smartphone and one of the most anticipated device launches from Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy S IV. The device will most probably sell in huge numbers, and it should be more advanced than Galaxy S3 for obvious reasons.

The upcoming Galaxy S4 won’t have a 3D screen nor will it have a hologramic projector, but according to recent reports, it will have wireless charging. According to Korean media DDaily, the upcoming S4 will be supporting Qi standard for wireless charging. Wireless charging is becoming more common these days, though it is not a ground breaking technology. I have seen Chinese made hair trimmers come with induction charging decades ago. Palm included it in the Pre and even the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X flagship devices have wireless charging. Apple hasn’t included it in the iPhone yet for some unknown reason, but most probably they will include it in iPhone 5S or 6 perhaps.

The Qi standard is developed by Wireless Power Consortium, and it’s good that Samsung chose what everybody else is using. According to the Korean report, Samsung indeed tried to use different technologies to transmit energy wirelessly, one based on resonant magnetic coupling. Resonant magnetic charging is very different than the electromagnetic induction used by the Qi standard which allows the device to be charged at distance not exceeding 4cm, but the resonant magnetic charging technology on the other hand allows devices to be charged from as far as 1 to 2 meters. Samsung has reportedly developed a wireless charger based on magnetic resonance, but chose not to use it as the device will end up having a very high price tag.

Like Nokia devices, Samsung will be including the wireless charging module in all the S4 devices, but the dock will be sold separately. Since the device will be using Qi standard, the device will support any Qi compatible dock out there, so it is not mandatory that you buy the dock from Samsung itself. With so many devices coming with Qi wireless charging capability, soon the market will be flooded with cheap 3rd party docks.

Samsung Galaxy S IV is expected to be launched in a few months, and it may even make an appearance at Mobile World Congress that is going to be held next month, however, the device may not hit the shelves prior to May, 2013. Going by the speculations, the device will have a 5 inch screen, which is a reasonable upgrade from the 4.8 inch screen on the S3. If the screen is a 5” one, it will be a Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (445ppi) display. A 13 megapixels shooter is also expected. As far as processor goes, some are speculating that this device will include the 8 core processor that Samsung unveiled recently, but there is no clear info on that one yet. What’s your take?

via Android Authority

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