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Samsung Galaxy S II Plus priced in Taiwan

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus

If you live in Taiwan and are looking for a new smart phone, Samsung is about to release the all new Samsung Galaxy S II Plus in the country. Are you interested? Well, you should be as this is a new phone, but how is it different from the original Galaxy S II? Well, the body is the same as the original smart phone, and most of the internals as well. But what has really changed is the processor.

The original Samsung Galaxy S II had a Samsung Exynos processor in it and the new Samsung Galaxy S II Plus has replaced that for a Broadcom processor. That is the only difference. And why was this difference made? Why did they name it that? What this really needed? We do not have any answer to this, and I do not think most of the people involved in this project over at Samsung also do. But for some reason, it is here and it is going to hit the store shelves pretty soon.

So should you buy it? That depends on a few factors. The South Korean Android smart phone giant is going to price it at 13, 900 NTD, that is around $470.63 or 349.96 Euros. And for that amount of money, you can get a pretty good new smart phone. Actually, you can get a brand new original Samsung Galaxy S II for that price depending on the place you are living at.

And in some countries, you can get a new top of the line Huawei smart phone for that amount of money. But it is given, having a Huawei smart phone in your hand will not make you look cool in every part of the world. You do not have to worry about that. If you are ready to wait a few more weeks, I am pretty sure you are going to have a lot of options to choose from.

That is because the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is approaching and according to the so many rumors and news around, we are going to see a bunch of new mid range and high end smart phones at the event from various manufacturers from around the world. So until then, hang in there with your current phone.

Source: Android Authority

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