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Samsung Fixes the Exynos Exploit by Rolling Out an OTA Update to Galaxy S III Units


Samsung’s last month hasn’t been fruitful for several reasons. There have been issues with its products as reported by several users including a new motherboard issue which apparently led the phone to stop working altogether. Prior to that, there was the Exynos chip exploit which allowed third party apps to access data without much hassle. Yesterday, we discussed about the company trying to fix this in the form of a software update. And now the company has begun sending out the said update in the UK which fixes the Exynos exploit as well as the motherboard issue.

Samsung clearly wants to get this off its back as soon as possible, and the update is an evidence to that. The software update being sent out bears the I9300XXELLA number, so you can spot it if you receive an update notification. There is no official word from Samsung as to what this new update will fix, but it doesn’t take a genius to guess what it is. The folks at Sam Mobile have confirmed that this patch fixes the Exynos exploit as well as the motherboard issue. We’re unsure as to when other parts of the world will get this update, but Samsung clearly doesn’t want to waste any time in doing that. It is important to note that this new firmware patch also updates the bootloader of the smartphone, which is the first time it’s happening since the device’s launch back in May. The OS version is the same (Android 4.1.2), so don’t expect any changes there.

UK customers can now check for an update notification or manually get the update with the help of the Samsung Kies software. It’s really commendable that Samsung has silently acknowledged the bug and fixed it too. Mind you there are smartphones like the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note II also affected by the Exynos exploit, so we expect Samsung to take care of those devices as well. There are some non-Samsung smartphones which also make use of the Exynos chip, so I believe those are pretty much left out in the dark unless the manufacturers roll out a fix like Samsung has. Whatever the issue, it now seems like Samsung has resolved it or is in the process at least. So this should help Samsung breathe easy now, unless the developers spot another loophole in Samsung’s system. Until then, make merry with your Exynos based smartphone.

If you reside in the UK and happen to own a Galaxy S III, feel free to drop a line below with details of the update.

Source: Sam Mobile
Via: Phandroid

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