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Samsung Purchases 5% Stake in Wacom: Increased Implementation of the S-Pen on the Cards?


So we all love how the Galaxy Note devices work with its seamless integration with the S-Pen and the kind of things one can do with a smartphone using that digital pen. However, these S-Pens are usually reserved for Note smartphones and we haven’t yet thought of a much wider use of the technology. But this new info might just make us think otherwise. Well, Samsung has just bought a stake in Wacom which specializes in and makes digitizer panels used on Note devices. The Koreans began working on the Note with Wacom’s tech on board, so it’s obvious that Samsung doesn’t want to let go of them anytime soon. The stake is a meager 5%, which is a lot in terms of actual money. The bigger question however is whether Samsung will start utilizing the S-Pen stylus even outside the realms of the Note devices.

Since these styluses are iconic to the Galaxy Note devices, it honestly wouldn’t make much sense for Samsung to launch them all across the board. Perhaps, they could improve or upgrade the S-Pen and bring in some new technology to make it more usable. We usually find that users don’t often use the S-Pen stylus on Galaxy Note devices after a week or a month’s usage. Because despite what Samsung says, the S-Pen is merely a luxury feature with only a few using it on a regular basis. But one can’t deny the effort that the company has put in to make it such an appealing and stand out feature. Samsung’s $60 million investment in Wacom could prove to be beneficial in the long run for the Koreans. While it’s highly unlikely that we would see Samsung implement this feature on non-Note devices, we don’t rule it out either as the company has a history of surprising us at the very last minute.

As we’ve spoken about on several occasions, there are ways to make the S-Pen more attractive to buyers. And that is by selling it separately for non-Note devices. The problem with this however is that Samsung will need to make some modification to the glass which covers the display to make the S-Pen compatible, so this is primarily the reason why we might not see the S-Pen associated with anything other than Note devices. So in my opinion, this info doesn’t necessarily mean that Samsung will bring more S-Pen running devices, but merely that it likes Wacom and its investment would garner good returns. It’s business after all. Samsung took a huge gamble with the S-Pen as we all know, and it’s one of those things which just worked for the company. Samsung hasn’t looked back since then, but that could be because we haven’t seen that many manufacturers launch a digitized stylus like this one. Let’s hope we get to see more and more manufacturers implement this feature and add their own unique touch to it.

What’s your take on the whole S-Pen thing? Should Samsung bring it to non-Note flagships as well? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

Source: Wacom
Via: Pocketnow

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