RIM reduces minimum price of apps in BlackBerry World


RIM is launching the new BlackBerry 10 platform on January 30th, and it has been rebranding some of the services it offers as a part of its preparation for the launch. In order to make its services more attractive, and due to the fluctuations happening in currency, RIM has decided to keep the prices of its apps competitive.
When developers upload apps, they can either choose it to be free or set it as paid. In case of free apps, developers gain monetary benefits from in-app advertisements. If the apps are paid ones, then there is a minimum price which is set by RIM. In order to keep the pricing competitive in relation to app stores on other platforms, RIM has lowered the minimum price tag for apps.

“This price tier update includes updated currency exchange rates and VAT requirements. These updates will help to position your content items to be more competitive and attractive to customers in the UK and Eurozone markets. The goal of this adjustment is to ensure prices are in line with currency fluctuations and ensure content within BlackBerry World is competitive” RIM said on its developer blog.

The first two currencies which will be affected include the Great British Pound and the Euro, and the changes will be based on individual currencies and corresponding VAT charges. For example, the new minimum price for paid apps priced in GBP will be .75 GBP, which is a significant 25% reduction from the previous 1 GBP minimum. For apps which are priced in Euros, the changes will vary in accordance with the country involved. For instance, in France the minimum price would be .89 EUR, which is an 11% reduction from the previous lowest tier of .99 EUR.

It’s good that RIM is taking the app market very seriously, which is after all will be the main thing that will decide success or failure of the new platform that RIM has invested a fortune on. RIM says that it will have over 70k apps in the app store at the time of launch, which is considerably less than the 700k apps that are present currently in Google’s Android Play Store, but RIM says that they are concentrating more on quality than on quantity, which is pretty much true because some of the apps available on Play Store or Apple’s app store are nothing but useless.

In order to make things more interesting, RIM will be offering much more than just apps in BlackBerry App World, and as a result of this move, the Canadian smartphone manufacturer has renamed its app store as just BlackBerry World. The rebranding brings new content like music, movies, and TV shows to the store, and the new content should be rolling out to all users in the “coming weeks”. It’s not known what kind of music and video will be pulled into the BlackBerry World, but apparently there will be “millions” of songs. What do you feel about BlackBerry 10? Let us know.

Source: RIM

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