RIM is aiming to launch six BB10 devices this year


RIM will be officially launching BlackBerry 10 platform and two new devices at a press conference that is going to be held on January 30th. Among the initial devices that will be launched, one will be touchscreen and other one will come with a full QWERTY hardware keyboard.

RIM has revealed that it will be launching a total of six devices this year. Apart from the two devices that will be launched this month, other four devices will be launched over the coming months and RIM is planning to target as many price points and market layers as it can this year. RIM is looking forward to win customers not only from developed countries, but also those markets where BlackBerry is still a very popular brand and retains the respect.

To aid RIM’s effort, the Canadian company is being supported by over 150 carriers from around the world who will be offering BlackBerry 10 devices to their customers. RIM is also being supported by investors in the share markets, and it should be noted that RIM’s stocks have risen more than 50% in the last three months which shows that investors believe in whatever RIM is planning and think it is good for the company. Sure it is as RIM is finally launching a new platform that is capable of declaring offensive on duopoly of iOS and Android.

RIM is a struggling smartphone manufacturer without any doubts. RIM’s sales figures have been taking a nose dive year-over-year, and apparently the company only shipped 6.9 million BlackBerries last quarter. The popularity of brand in markets such as US, UK and Canada has also taken a nose dive and people have been preferring iPhone and Android based devices in the last few years, but buyers from overseas markets have still maintained the popularity of the brand. RIM currently has a subscriber base of over 80 million users, which is a strong number.

RIM knows that apps are the only thing that stands between the new platform’s popularity and failure. RIM says that they will have the more launch apps than any other OS. They’re aiming for a 100,000 apps at the time of launch, and seems like they will reach the target very soon because they managed to get 15,000 new app submission in just a weekend by giving incentives to developers. RIM says that they will be concentrating more on quality than on just quantity.

“The tactic we are deploying is by country and by region. We are aiming to have the most important 200 to 400 apps available, because many applications are regional and they really do have a regional flavour,” RIM Chief Executive Thorsten Heins said. “In my view it is really short-sighted to say, you have 600,000, you have 400,000 and you only have 100,000 apps, so you are not good,” he said.
“Look at how many actually get downloaded. … BlackBerry App World today is still the most profitable portal for application developers – it has the highest number of paid for downloads.”

RIM seems to be coming up with great devices at various price points and with quality apps, a perfect mixture. Do you think BB10 will succeed?

Source: Forbes

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