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Remember why you’re calling your Friends with bytNotes

Things get bizarre when you call up your friend with a purpose, get carried away by his/her articulated talks, and after certain subliminal minutes, you hang up the phone. It’s only moments later you realize that the purpose of the call had been overlooked in the amicable catch up.

The same scenario also gets replicated at work. You’re expected to follow-up on a co-worker regarding certain matters, but you forget some petty details when you place the call.

Well, with an app called bytNotes, you can now tag your contacts with reminders, so when you call your friends next time around, you at least know- why?

bytNotes allows you to leave yourself notes, which can tied to contacts or group of contacts. These notes get popped up whenever you place a call to the tagged contact, or you receive a call from them.  That way, you can remember why you’re calling them or they’re calling you.

The app is available for Android platform so far. You can download the app from here.

Here’s how you can use the app. Navigate to the Notes section, and add a note about what do you want to remember. For instance, if you wish to remember something related to work, you can add that information over here, and later tag the note to your work group.

As seen in the image above, there are also two icons which allow you to choose whether the note should appear on incoming or outgoing calls. You can also set birthday reminders for contacts, which saves you the trouble of checking out Facebook every morning, and wishing them.

Here’s how the notes would pop-up when you receive a call.

The ad-supported version of the app is available for free. However, if ads get on your nerves, you can always purchase the ad-free version of the app for a modest 0.99$.

Image Courtesy: [Cnet]

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