Registration for Facebook’s Annual Hacker Cup Competition Now Open

hFacebook announced yesterday that it has started the registration process for Annual Hacker Cup competition, with a $10,000 prize-money up for the hacker who-codes-it-all.

Like last year, Facebook would hold the rounds of Hacker Cup in rounds. First, there would be a preliminary round, which would be conducted online. After that a series of rounds would be conducted, with the final being hosted at Facebook’s HQ in Menlo Park, CA.

The preliminary rounds would be held in between January 25 and February 16 and the finalists would fly to Facebook’s HQ on March 22-23. Contestants would be given a set of problems to solve, to which they need to provide effective solutions. Based on their source code, they need to generate an output file, which effectively solves the problem. Participants would be judged on how quickly they come up with the solution, and how innovatively they cite a solution. Apparently, contestants would be given an obdurate time-frame of six minutes to deliver their solutions. Perhaps, the sole judging criterion is the speed with which the programmer can come up with innovative solutions.

Hacker’s cup not only motivates young talents to learn about the cryptic world of cyber programming, but also provides them the much-needed exposure. With entries coming from all round the world, the applicants get a chance to scale their talent globally. Besides, it also helps Facebook in keeping touch with the world’s best programmers, and helps them in hunting the best engineering talent in the world.

With the growing popularity of Facebook, security is always an unrelenting concern- something which cannot be compromised at all given costs. Facebook has always been questioned over its fragile privacy settings and occasional security lapses, which have perennially led to spams and hacked accounts.

If you’ve already enrolled in the contest last year, you’re automatically registered in this year’s contest. Facebook, however, told the participants to double-check their details, and keep them up-to-date. Although there are no restrictions on the number of users which can enroll of the contest, you do need to be above 18 years to be a legitimate participant of this event. Also, you need to provide authentic personal details- like your real name, postal address, phone number, email address, and date of birth. That allows Facebook to bypass anonymously virtual people, no matter how brilliant they might be.

Last year, nearly 8000 aspirants from over 150 countries locked horns against each other in a gripping contest. Roman Andreev, from Russia was the winner of last year’s Hacker Cup Contest. To get more insights on last year’s Hacker Cup, click here.

If you’re one of those dexterous, sassy, and brainy hackers who can break into systems and manage to cover your tracks skillfully, this one’s your shortcut to a respectful life.

The last date for registration is 27th January, 2013. To register yourself for the event, click here.


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