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Regarding the Nexus 4: There is “More Work to be Done,” Says CEO Larry Page


Larry Page, Google CEO

[Photo Credit: Android Authority]

The Nexus 4 has only been on the smartphone market for a matter of months, but, like Samsung’s Galaxy S3, it has become one of Android’s premier smartphones. Its Near Field Communication (NFC) capability that allows you to beam photos and images, wireless charging mat that lets you grab your phone when running out the door for a business meeting or football game, and Android 4.2 (the upgraded version of Jelly Bean) make the phone one to envy. Google’s success of selling nearly 500,000 smartphones is readily seen in the number of times the phone was registered “out of stock” at Google’s Play Store. Google did not supply enough Nexus 4 smartphones. Additionally, when the first claims to blame were made about the Android phone, both LG Electronics and Google participated: “It was LG”…no, “it was Google.” Both companies could not admit to failure on their side, but rather decided to blame the other for the supply shortcoming.

Google’s Larry Page took the time to admit the production problem was with Google at the latest quarterly financials meeting. According to Bams Sadewo of Android Authority, “He [Page] acknowledged that there’s a huge backlog of the Nexus 4. He said that there is ‘work to be done managing our supply better’ and that solving the phone shortage problem will be ‘priority for the teams’”. Google is new to making smartphones, so it has to take time to learn how to plan for large phone buyouts from the consumer public. Look at how big of a stir the Google Nexus 7 tablet caused when it was announced last summer (and it wasn’t even a smartphone). All they need to do is extend the battery life and use a more durable material than they did last time. According to Molly Wood at CNET and her “Always On” torture tests, the Nexus 7 did not fare well when it was tested in water and hard surfaces. A torture test on the Nexus 10 at International CES proved no different for the Nexus 10 than it did the Nexus 7. Tablet materials can apply to smartphones as well; Sony has decided to approach their innovation with similar materials, making its Sony Xperia Z tablet match the materials of its Sony Xperia Z smartphone.

The Nexus 4 helped push LG Electronics last year financially and looks to continue helping the company sell its smartphones this year. It would be a crime to forget about LG’s Optimus G smartphone, which happened to register as the top phone at the nation’s two largest carriers, AT&T and Sprint, at the end of last year. LG’s success provides hope for Page and Motorola, the struggling company Google purchased as of last year for hardware production purposes. Last week, an LG representative took to the media to clarify LG’s commitment to Nexus 4 production. LG will continue Nexus 4 production in February, so look for the Nexus 4 smartphone to arrive at the Google Play Store once again.

Sources say that Google intends to produce an X Phone from Motorola this year that will launch with Key Lime Pie right out of the box. It will likely come with wireless charging and NFC, although there have been hints that Google could make this smartphone an unbreakable one. Google’s Larry Page leaves some hope that Apple will come to admit its shortcomings – resulting in its declining market share and investment confidence.

Source: Android Authority

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