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Reader Question: What’s the Right Size for a Smartphone?


Smartphones these days are an integral part of our lives and do a lot more than just answering calls or sending text messages. There are plenty of activities we can do with a smartphone like assigning appointments, setting reminders, and basically do anything a computer can do albeit with a slightly cumbersome display to see things. So basically, it is almost impossible to even imagine our lives without smartphones.

How It All Began

With the kind of evolution we’re seeing in the smartphone industry in general, it is inevitable that some of the manufacturers will try to bring something new to the fore which hasn’t been tried before. There was a time when a 3.5-inch display panel was considered big enough for a smartphone. But today, the benchmark has been raised substantially and we’re seeing smartphones packing 5.5-inch displays, which is enormous in every sense of the word. But the thing about us humans is that we get used to it very quickly and immediately ignore the fact that it’s too large, which is a good thing. But is there really a perfect size for a smartphone? The one which isn’t too big, nor too small to handle? Well, it’s pretty easy to just say something like that, but do we know which is perfect and which isn’t? This to be honest is a very subjective issue and one which cannot have an easy conclusion. For an Average Joe, the perfect smartphone would be the one that fits perfectly in his palm and lets him do all the operations with relative ease. In my opinion, any smartphone which lets the user operate it with one hand can be considered an ideal size for a smartphone. I know a few of the Galaxy Note/Note II owners would have some harsh things to say about that, but as I said, it’s highly subjective. I’m personally not open to the idea of using a smartphone with two hands, because that’s clearly not how it was intended to be. This is not to say that a smartphone should be too small either. I’ve personally hated the size of the iPhone which is probably too small for watching videos and playing content, but Apple changed that with the iPhone 5. Not that it’s any bigger now.

The Current Smartphones

We have smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X which are quite too large for an average user but are still pretty usable with one hand. The moment you use two hands to handle or even hold a device, then you know you’ve got yourself a tablet and not a smartphone. The Galaxy Note in my opinion strikes a perfect balance of size and weight, but although it’s pretty easy to handle, it can be a tad too large sometimes. Especially when the phone is held against the ear. Back in the day, people would usually get plenty of stares for carrying a phone that large, but with the popularity of the device, people have gotten accustomed to it. However, when we hear of devices like the Galaxy Note 8, we just wonder if there’s no bar or threshold for a smartphone’s display. The Galaxy Note is awkward to hold against the ear as it is, and manufacturers just don’t want to stop. Having said that, I’m sure there’s a market for these smartphones too, so I’m waiting to see the Galaxy Note 8 in real before actually passing judgment.

Smartphones like the Galaxy S III strike a perfect balance of height, weight and width and is ideal for easy operation. The fact of the matter is that our tastes change every year, depending on what the manufacturers come up with by then. Perhaps one day we can stop and say, yes this is the perfect size for a smartphone. But alas, that day isn’t even close to coming near yet. Until then, we can merely bask in the glory of smartphones that surround us 24×7.

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