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Reader Question: Should and will Google go with LG for the next Nexus smartphone?


Android smartphones have always had a leader, not in terms of hardware specifications but in terms of timely updates. Such devices are known as Google phones or more popularly as Nexus phones. These phones are pretty much everything an Android user can ask for, with all the native Google apps and no cumbersome custom user interface, these devices give the stock Android experience to the users which is also known as “vanilla” Android.

The Early Days

The LG made Google Nexus 4 is one of the most controversial Nexus smartphones of the four we’ve had so far. The Nexus One by HTC was one of the best smartphones of the time, and so were the Samsung made Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus. However, Google dropped the ball with the Nexus 4 and the problem had nothing to do with the device itself, strangely. When the smartphone was teased in late October, people were heavily anticipating the launch of the device. And it all went good, except for a few niggles. The place where it was supposed to be launched (Google’s Online Store also known as Google Play Store) faced issues when users were trying to add the item to their cart and checking out, which sounds a lot like a server overload but the real issue isn’t known till date. Bear in mind, this bug was merely seen in some instances and many were actually able to carry out the transaction with relative ease. The hype and demand for the Nexus 4 was so great that it was sold out in a matter of minutes. But the whole episode meant that some users didn’t even get a chance to place the order for the smartphone for no fault of their own. Google however was quick to rectify the server issues with the second coming of the device, but the bigger problem then came to the fore – the lack of supply.

LG clearly was having trouble keeping up with the supply for the smartphone as the demand for the Nexus 4 was growing enormously. Some said that Google and LG underestimated the demand for the smartphone prior to the launch, while a few others believed that LG was not willing to jeopardize the sales of the Optimus G which launched shortly before the Nexus 4. While both these claims could easily be wrong, it has made us all wonder whether LG is worthy of taking the Nexus brand forward, at least with regards to smartphones. None of us actually expected Google to go with LG for the Galaxy Nexus successor and it certainly took us all off guard. However, the announcement revealed a beautifully crafted smartphone with state-of-the-art specs as well, so we weren’t going to complain. The real question is, whether LG should be a given a second chance with the Nexus 5 or whatever the next Nexus will be known as.  The rational answer would be no, because we have already seen what the company is doing and we haven’t seen any proofs to substantiate the claims that LG is looking to increase the production of the smartphone. Let’s hope for the sake of the Nexus brand and Google that the next Nexus smartphone goes to Motorola, because this is the company which is currently under Google’s belt and they can basically craft a device out of anything they want with relative ease and no supplier issues to worry about. It’s high time we saw the Google-Motorola partnership reap benefits anyways.

What Will Google Do?

Now the question of “will” Google give LG a second chance. Well, it’s highly possible yet highly unlikely. We’ve already heard about the Motorola X Phone which Google is believed to be working on. We’ve also heard that this will not be a Nexus phone, so we’re not quite sure if Motorola is a contender just yet. But if LG manages to fix its supply issues by the next few months, then Google shouldn’t have a problem going with them again. However, it would make sense for Google to consider other manufacturers because change is the name of the game in Android and having partnered for two phones with Samsung, Google doesn’t necessarily need to bring out two Nexus phones from LG. It all depends on how the South Korean manufacturer goes about its business in the next few months. The company certainly has a lot on its plate right now with the upcoming MWC event where it is slated to reveal the global variant of the Optimus G Pro and several other smartphones that we don’t know of yet. So we’ll eagerly wait for the next few months to see if LG is actually capable or interested in producing the Nexus 4.  I would personally like a Motorola or an HTC come up with the next Nexus, because these two companies easily make the best looking smartphones out there. Considering how things have been over the last few days, we’re tempted to think of a Sony Nexus smartphone too, but that’s possibly not going to happen. Regardless, there are plenty of companies Google could look towards in order to replace LG, which I think is the right thing to do in the situation.

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