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Reader Question: Will Samsung’s Dominance Continue in 2013?


Samsung, no doubt has emerged as the number one manufacturer of smartphones across the world. Its Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S series of smartphones have taken the world by storm within a span of just three years. Such is the marketing and the standard set by the South Korean manufacturer. Companies like HTC, Sony, Motorola and others who were long in the game before Samsung had no answer to the company’s sudden arrival in the market. This brings us to our next reader question. It’s quite an easy question to answer really, but considering the kind of ups and downs the companies see these days, it is hard really to predict anything.

What does Samsung have to do?

In my opinion, Samsung’s dominance in the field in the current year will heavily depend on the smartphones that it launches. The company is known to be very unique and special with its devices, as evidenced by its recently launched smartphones. Companies like HTC on the other hand, have had to finish second ever since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S in 2010. We’ve really loved HTC’s offerings over the years, but it’s just that Samsung smartphones offer more bang to the buck and always have that WOW factor compared to other competitive offerings. The company’s dominance is such that, HTC had to report dismal sales figures in its quarterly earnings during the holiday season, although smartphones like the Droid DNA and the One X+ did help its cause a little. Samsung on the other hand only had the Galaxy S III (May) and the Galaxy Note II (September) as major flagships of 2013. These two smartphones were more than enough for the company, as these smartphones still managed to sell despite the arrival of the Apple iPhone 5 which is often considered a nightmare for competitors. In fact, one report suggested that the sales of the Galaxy S III increased post the launch of the iPhone 5. It doesn’t take a genius to guess that Samsung has left no stone unturned in making its devices a success and needless to say we should pretty much see the trend continue in 2013 as well. Bear in mind, Samsung also has plenty of low end and mid ranged devices as well which attract to a specific buyer segment.

What to expect?

The company has plenty of things to show us this year. We are already teased to a few of the low end and mid ranged offerings from the Korean manufacturer, but what we’re all looking forward to is the Galaxy S IV and the Note III in the coming months. Samsung is always known to be a perfect company with all its bases covered in the world of Android, so we should expect a flurry of tablets arrive in the scene too, beginning with the Galaxy Note 8 at the MWC. After that comes the major announcement of the Galaxy S IV which has managed to get us all excited already. This is something we’re all keenly looking forward to and as usual we have our own list of expected specs from the next Galaxy flagship. It should most probably feature the Exynos 5 Octa chip which the company showed off recently at the CES event along with a Full HD 1080p display panel which is the current standard for flagship smartphones. And of course, some unique feature like the ones launched with the Galaxy S III (Smart Stay, Pop Up Play etc) will have to be onboard. Samsung should have the device running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which will be almost six months old by then. And that is precisely when Google is believed to take the wraps off the next major version of Android. So there are plenty of changes coming our way in the next few months. We can be assured that the next Galaxy flagship will be filled with grandeur and flamboyance much like the rest of its flagships, and Samsung will leave nothing to luck to make the smartphone a success.

A leaked roadmap of Samsung suggested that it has smartphones like the Galaxy Xcover 2, the Galaxy Pocket Plus, Galaxy Young were breaking cover in the first half of 2013. We have information of all these devices except for the Galaxy Young. Most of these devices should be unveiled at the MWC 2013 event, so all eyes would be set in Barcelona to see what Samsung has to offer.

Samsung vs Apple

Well, Samsung’s legal battle with Apple is a never ending one, it seems. The two companies have been fighting it out in the courtrooms now for quite some time and we’re yet to see a resolution to these issues. Samsung has added the iPhone 5 to its recent filing to the court and Apple has followed suit by adding some of Samsung’s devices to its list of infringing devices. We should see little come out of this even this year, where the two companies will be more focused on bringing superior smartphones to the fore. Samsung however will more likely receive a major setback from Apple when the company announces its partnership with TSMC to make the next gen A-Series chips for Apple devices. Up until now, it was Samsung who manufactured these A-Series chips. So that will reflect in Samsung’s overall revenues, but the company should make up for it with the sales of the upcoming Galaxy devices. So overall, Samsung’s future does look pretty bright, at least in the current year. Sure, competitors like Sony and HTC will give the Koreans a tough fight, but given the company’s worldwide reach and the marketshare it enjoys, we don’t think Samsung will be too worried.

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