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Reader Question: What will the next iPhone be like?


Well, we here at The Droid Guy make it a point to keep our readers educated on all things mobile, irrespective of the platform or the operating system. This I feel is something which everybody should do, not only to earn brownie points, but also to give the readers an unbiased and unhindered opinion about the plethora of smartphones/tablets surrounding us. And that brings me to our next reader question, which is with regards to the iPhone. This is often considered a taboo topic for an Android fan, but we love all sorts of questions and this kind of tickled my brain a little as it is being talked about so often these days.

iPhone Math

The bigger sized iPhone made quite a splash in the market within days of its launch in September which was quite expected. However, there were a few niggles with the smartphone and especially with regards to Maps. This issue was also popularly known as Mapgate. The sales though weren’t affected one bit by this particularly annoying issue with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 in general. And it’s been four months now since the launch of the smartphone in the U.S and we’ve already seen plenty of rumors surfacing about what the successor could look like. There have been plenty of claims made by analysts and rumor junkies, claiming that Apple will go with a 4.8-inch iPhone Math for a WWDC 2013 release along with a slightly upgraded version of the iPhone 5. This theory has to be taken with a dab of salt of course, but there’s no strong evidence to rule this out either.

Higher Resolution / Larger Screen Size

Now for the part where we speculate as to what the actual device will be like. The increase of screen size on the iPhone 5 was certainly a welcome addition. But will Apple be open to the idea of further increasing the size and most importantly the display resolution of the smartphone? Well, this seems like something Apple wouldn’t do unless it absolutely needs to. The change in screen size from the standard 3.5-inches was very welcome, and perhaps Apple will like to carry the current display for another year. Because the change in display resolution will create a flurry of problems for developers, which is something we’ve discussed in detail in the past. Sure, the developers can quickly resolve this issue, but what about older devices like the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4S and the current iPhone which all feature different display resolutions? Well, that’s the dilemma Apple faces and it’s honestly a pretty tough call for the company. Apple basically wouldn’t want to confuse new developers with too many display resolutions to work with.

We’ve seen with the iPads where there are only two display resolutions right now in the works, the one that works with the iPad 2 and the iPad Mini (1024×768) along with the Retina Display iPad resolution (2048×1536). While Apple can easily make up the developers’ mind about this, it won’t be willing to deal with the annoyed customers right at the start of the launch. So I’m sticking with the same 4-inch display for the next iPhone. Let’s hope I’m wrong though, as even though the iPhone 5 display is pretty impressive, it stands way below the competition in terms of real world performance. We’ll be seeing companies like LG, Samsung and Sharp producing spectacular 1080p Full HD mobile displays in 2013, so the competition will be really stepped up and Apple will have to do something to keep these rivals in check.

Pressure to Impress AAPL Shareholders

The company’s stocks have been falling since the past few weeks especially since reports of low demand for the iPhone 5 emerged. We’re not sure if those reports had any weight in them, but it certainly appears like the shareholders are beginning to get a little tensed about Apple and its future. But I guess there’s nothing to worry as long as Apple continues to go toe to toe with its competitors and we as the users receive new and innovative products on a regular basis. Because at the end of the day, it’s the customer who decides the fate of a company. So in conclusion, while we would certainly love to see a large sized 4.5-inch + display, it doesn’t necessarily mean Apple would go for it. More importantly, the Maps application on iOS 6 was heavily criticized by plenty of users. To an extent that Apple had to urge its users to switch to competitive offerings from the iTunes AppStore. This is something which led to the ousting of key iOS man Scott Forstall who was considered to be close to the Late Steve Jobs. The Maps debacle didn’t seem to affect much since the arrival of Google Maps for iOS as a third party app. But we should expect the stock Maps app to be better so that Apple can finally give its users a Maps application worthy of mention.

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