QuickOffice integration comes to Google Drive for iOS

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Google apps have always been better than Apple apps on iOS devices. For instance, Google Maps is way better than Apple Maps, and it was a wrong move for Apple to replace Google Maps with its own version of Maps software.

Google has made great versions of Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Drive and an alright version of Chrome (thanks to limitations of iOS platform, it is not as flexible as Android). Google updates its apps continuously and now the Google Drive native app has received an update.

The latest version of the app is available on Apple App Store and weighs a modest 23.2 MB. The newest update brings support for upload multiple photos and videos and QuickOffice integration. For casual consumers, the support to upload multiple photos and videos will be a boon, and it’s a good move on Google’s part because it is looking forward to making Google Drive a destination for main storage service for users, and the update helps users to upload more data to the cloud storage. This is indeed more useful for mobile users where they would like to upload photos and videos shot on handheld devices.

QuickOffice integration is a good move to attract business users. For those who don’t know, Google purchased QuickOffice back in June of last year. QuickOffice is a popular productivity suite on both, iOS and Android. After the acquisition, Google had promised that features offered by QuickOffice will make it to Google’s productivity offerings slowly in the future, and it’s already here. Users can open, edit and save QuickOffice files directly on Google Drive. The reason why QuickOffice is so popular for its services is because it has excellent compatibility with Microsoft Office documents, and we all know most of the business users choose Microsoft Office as their productivity suite of choice. Google had previously said in a statement:

“Google + Quickoffice = get more done anytime, anywhere
Today, consumers, businesses and schools use Google Apps to get stuff done from anywhere, with anyone and on any device. Quickoffice has an established track record of enabling seamless interoperability with popular file formats, and we’ll be working on bringing their powerful technology to our Apps product suite.
Quickoffice has a strong base of users, and we look forward to supporting them while we work on an even more seamless, intuitive and integrated experience.
We’re excited to welcome the Quickoffice team and their users to Google.” – Google

Below is the full Google Drive version 1.2.2 change log:
Drive: Multiple photo/video upload and QuickOffice users can open and save back to Drive.
Docs: Added Helvetica Neue to supported fonts.
Sheets: Diagonal scrolling and Cell formatting (Decimals, currency, date and more).
Slides: Improvements to slideshow and animations and pinch to zoom on slides.

The update surely makes Google Drive more attractive. Google provides a good amount of free storage, and hard core users can buy more storage for a nominal price, and you get the reliability of Google which makes it a good deal. Do you use Google Drive? Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

via: PhoneArena

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