Pixel Quest RPG Game Review

Do you miss playing all those cool RPG games on your GameBoy Advance? MMz Tech has just released Pixel Quest RPG over at Google Play which is a blend of retro style RPG and sandbox gaming. The game is currently on a 50% off limited time sale which is now priced at $0.99. You’ll need a device running at least Android 1.6 and 7.3 MB of space to install this title.

What makes this game unique is that it has elements of RPG similar to that of Final Fantasy as well as Sandbox gaming similar to Minecraft. Aside from fighting monsters and exploring dungeons you will also be able to craft and build items. There’s also an added twist when it comes to combat mechanics which incorporates features of trading card games.

The game has a retro feel to it with its graphics done in pixel form which reminds you of 16-bit gaming consoles. You will be able to explore the world around you and gather material for use in building. You can create weapons, armor and items in this game.

As you wander around you will get to encounter monsters and fight them. Up to this point everything is standard RPG which you have already seen in other games. The battle system is unique though and follows a card based mechanics.

The game developer promises to bring in more content in future updates however the current version available today has already a vast world for you to explore. They are also working on an update to balance the gold/diamond grind.

Overall this is a great RPG game to have and brings back nostalgic memories for those who have been playing RPG games in the 90’s. The pixelated graphics combined with exciting gameplay makes this title worth buying and makes a fine addition to your library of games.

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