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Picture of 4.99″ Samsung Galaxy Display Panel Surfaces

I always say that the battle of the smartphones in the market is more often than not fought on one front – hardware specs.  Initially, the best phones in the market featured high memory capacity – internal memory.  From there the best phones are those that had the fastest processors, then quad core processors emerged and it seems that now, the manufacturers are making phones with fully HD 1080p screens.  During the CES event, one thing was clear: almost all new phones in the market that pass as the best had large full HD displays.  The Huawei D2, ZTE Grand S and Sony’s new Xperia Z and ZL smartphones feature 1080p screens.

4.99 inch SIV display

We have heard so many rumors over the past 2 or 3 months regarding Samsung’s net flagship smartphone the SIV and though we did not expect anything to come out of the CES last week, we now know what it definitely will be.  Pictures are now surfacing of what is supposedly Samsung Galaxy SIV’s and or Samsung Galaxy Note III’s display.  The 4.99 inch screen panel was photographed by AnandTech’s Brian Klug and shows that the new screen will present a display density of 440 pixels per inch.

Is Samsung going to make a 5 inch 1080p smartphone?  If you look at the photo, you will see that the screen is full HD and is expected to come out in the first quarter of 2013.  Will Samsung be releasing the SIV in Barcelona next month during the Mobile World Congress?  Almost every Android fanatic is looking forward to the release of the SIV because Samsung gave the world what is now regarded as the best smartphone ever, the SIII, and everyone expects the SIV to be even better both in performance and specs.

From what we can compile so far, besides the 1080p Full HD display, the Samsung Galaxy SIV will come with a 13 megapixels rear camera, 128GB internal memory for some models, possibly a 3,300 mAh battery and all the standard features of today’s high end smartphones.

We cannot be sure what specs the SIV will come with, but we can be sure that Samsung is working on a killer smartphone to carry on the legacy of the SIII as the best smartphone in the world.  For now, we just know the phone will come latest May 2013 and will feature a 4.99” 1080p Full HD screen.

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