OUYA Announces CREATE, A 10 Day Competition Worth $45,000

Popular Kickstarter funded company OUYA in partnership with Kill Screen has just announced a competition that will surely interest all the game developers out there. The contest, which is called CREATE, will last for ten days and is open to game developers around the world. A total of $45,000 worth of prizes is at stake..

To enter the contest you don’t need an OUYA console, all you need to do is start coding. The rules are listed below

  • Create a *new* game for OUYA – any style, any genre as long as it’s playable (and, of course, fun).
  • Submit your playable OUYA game prototype between January 14 and 23 to Kill Screen for review.
  • Show off a video of your demo on YouTube, tweet it up on Twitter, gather your fans on Facebook to gain gamer support and awareness of your OUYA game. Social media support will be one of the criteria used to select finalists.

If you are a game developer and interested to join you can submit your entries on January 14 to January 23. The great part is about this is that the game you create doesn’t have to be finished so you can give it your best shot.

Winning entries will be based on subjective view on the game’s greatness, social community support, and the successful use of OUYA technologies.

The breakdown of the prizes is as follows

  • Grand prize: $20,0000
  • The following special awards will receive $5000 and an additional $1000 if the game successfully launches at OUYA
    • “Most Surprising” Award: For a game that has a new concept.
    • “Four Bright Buttons and Two Joysticks” Award: Awarded to the game demonstrating the best controls.
    • “Most Immersive” Award: For best demonstration of how a game feels in your living room
    • “Best Couch with Friends” Award
    • “Pop Your Eyes Out” Award: For the game that has great visuals.

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