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LG Has Sold 1 Million Optimus G Smartphones Since its Launch


LG smartphones are usually not associated with large volumes of sales as evidenced by the dismal last two years it has had. However, the company’s latest flagship before the Nexus 4, the Optimus G managed to win plenty of fans both in its home turf Korea and in the U.S. The smartphone was a massive shift for the company from making standard flagship smartphones with uninspiring design, to coming up with something new and which hadn’t been done before. Sure there were quad core smartphones long before LG came up with the Optimus G. But LG was the first official company to bring Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro chip along with a strikingly unique design, which was prominent on the Nexus 4 too. And now the company has just published the sales figures of the smartphone, and it looks pretty impressive. If LG report is to be believed, the company has sold over 1 million units of the Optimus G since it was launched back in fall 2012. This isn’t a massive number but a good one nonetheless, considering there were smartphones like the iPhone 5, the Galaxy S III and its own Nexus 4 to fight against. There’s still no word on how well the Nexus 4 sold with all its delays and what not, but LG will announce Q4 2012 results by the end of this month, so we should know more then.

So that’s about the sales of the Optimus G. As for the wider availability of the smartphone, the company said that it will be bringing the smartphone all across Europe and subsequently to China before the end of the first quarter. This means we should see the Optimus G hit European and Chinese shelves by the end of March. The smartphone is currently available in Canada and Japan in addition to Korea and the U.S as we mentioned already, so it hasn’t exactly seen a wider rollout, which continues to surprise everybody.

With the MWC right around the corner, we just hope the Optimus G doesn’t receive lukewarm response in Europe and especially in China. Huawei has announced top of the line smartphones for the Chinese market which will certainly get precedence over LG’s offerings as Huawei is the local company. So in order to make an impact with the Optimus G, LG will have to make massive price cuts and see to it that users don’t hesitate to buy the product fearing the arrival of newer and better smartphones. I personally feel it’s a little too late in the day to launch the smartphone in these regions, but LG certainly begs to differ.

Source: Yonhap News Agency
Via: Android Central

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