Now here’s something more bizarre- an Android powered Rice Cooker

iBvfRidZzXJkWhile Apple proudly says they have app for everything, Android says it could find way into almost anything.

Let’s think of all the bizarre places Android has found its way into – Ovens, Refrigerators, Air-conditioners, Toilets, here’s one more- Rice Cooker.

No, we are not making it up. Panasonic has actually launched a rice cooker, which runs on Google’s Android OS. The cooker would deploy “fuzzy logic” systems, which would help you take your cooking to another level. According to Bloomberg, Panasonic’s Android-controlled SR-SX2 rice cooker allows users to search for recipes on their Android smartphones. It also allows them to transmit the recipe back to the cooker, and is also capable of showcasing useful information like how much electricity was used or how much calories are there in the food.

The reason why Panasonic choose Android is apparent. Android is open-source and is an easy-to-use platform for manufacturers to add new features and services to their products.

Last year in Japan, Panasonic started selling home appliances like microwaves and air-conditioners, which can be controlled and tracked by smartphones. For instance, its NR series refrigerator kept track of the number of times the door has been opened and closed to make it run more efficiently, and also gives solutions to problems-as and when they occur.

Electronic appliance makers are taking advantage of the falling prices of LCD screens, powerful processor-chips and wireless technologies to make smarter products. Also, they are using Android’s easy-to-use interface to develop more intuitive systems.

Though the idea is sumptuous, we feel that instead of reaching higher grounds, technology is reaching more placid, doctrinal places. What’s the point of buying a $600 cooker, which does nothing apart from cooking plain old rice?

This is no innovation. After all, Innovation simplifies complexity. It doesn’t entangle simplicity. ®

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