Nova Launcher Updated, Adds A Slew Of New Features


The widely known Nova Launch has just been upgraded to version 2.0 and adds a slew of new features and bug fixes. A whole lot hasn’t been added to the paid “Prime” version of the launcher, as the free version has the spotlight this time around, albeit there were a few fixes. The free version has gotten improvements like custom wallpaper cropping, increased desktop grid size and a scrolling app drawer option. A fix was also released for the U.S. Galaxy S II to force wallpaper scrolling. In addition to that, a setting was added that will force the phone to keep the Nova Launcher locked in memory. Overall good new for free users, I’d say.

Those who are used the paid or “Prime” version of Nova Launcher are now able to set their very own custom icon sizes. In addition to that, swipe actions can now be used on any home screen, as opposed to being limited to the primary one.

If you’re wanting to give these new features a test run, be sure to hit the Google Play Store link below!