Nokia’s Lumia 920 Successor Rumored To Have Aluminum Body

Nokia’s recent flagship smartphone model which is the Lumia 920 was a huge success that the demand for it was higher than the supply. In China alone the device sold out in just two hours after its release. The company is trying to sustain this momentum by coming up with a much more impressive device that will succeed the 920.

The rumored successor to the Lumia 920 will have an all-aluminum chassis instead of the currently used polycarbonate body. This in effect will make the device much thinner and lighter. As far as specifications go it is said to be similar to the 920. The upcoming Lumia flagship device is codenamed “Catwalk” which is probably in reference to its attention grabbing features. This was first reported by The Verge who claims to have gotten the information from sources familiar with Nokia’s plan.

The Nokia Lumia 920 has gotten favorable reviews from critics and is in fact selling well. One drawback to it though is that it weighs heavier than most models in the market.

The switch to an all-aluminum body might be a good idea since this will make the device lighter. There is however a disadvantage to this as what we have seen on most iPhone 5 devices. Aluminum is more prone to scratches and can bend easily. Nokia already has experience in using an aluminum body on a smartphone as what we have seen in their previous flagship, the N8, which was running on Symbian. We’re hoping they can put this experience to good use and avoid the problems associated with using Aluminum.

Reports also say that Nokia will be coming up with three Lumia devices this year although the other two devices won’t be sporting an aluminum body.

As far as the official announcement from the company goes we are skeptical they will be making it at CES. This is because the Lumia 920 and 820 devices were just recently released in the market.

via theverge

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