Nokia to launch Lumia 820 and 920 in India on January 11th

lumia920_2330131bNokia has been pretty successful with Lumia 920 and 820 devices. The company has been going through bad times and seems like Windows Phone 8 is probably the best bet that’s going to save the company. Recently there were rumors that Nokia is going to sell their smartphone division to Microsoft.

As of now, the company is doing good with Windows Phone 8 based Lumia’s. In the US, the flagship 920 and 820 are exclusive to AT&T, but the Finnish company has been launching these devices in various parts of the world and the results are good. Nokia launched the Lumia 920 in the Middle East last month and the devices were sold out in mere hours.

When the Nokia Lumia 920 first launched at the Nokia Store in Shanghai in December, 2012, the devices were sold out in just 2 hours. The special version available for China Mobile was sold out on Amazon in just half an hour. China Mobile is apparently the world’s largest mobile carrier and the network uses a proprietary TD-SCDMA 3G network which is supported only by Nokia Lumia 920T. Windows Phone doesn’t enjoy much market share. In China, the market share of Windows Phone is around 3%, which is of course very less, but Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia 920 did manage to grab a lot of attention. In the second lot, the yellow version in particular was sold out in just 20 minutes.

Though the brand value of Nokia has gone down substantially, there are several markets where Nokia brand still has a lot of face value. One such market is India. Nokia is very popular in India and the company manages to sell a lot of mid-range and low-end devices, but it’s surprising that the company hasn’t launched Lumia 920 yet! Lumia 920 is the flagship device of Nokia and apparently the company will be launching this device on January 11th.

A Nokia employee confirmed via Live Chat for Nokia Care that the company will be launching the Windows Phone 8 powered flagship device in India. Also, the slightly lower placed Lumia 820 will also be launched on the same day. Apart from that, the company is planning to launch Nokia Lumia 620 in the fourth week of January 2013.

The dates are in line with the 11 second commercial which the company ran last month. The commercial read “We’re bringing out the world’s most innovative smartphone ever, soon,” although no date was given for the launch. The ad boasts the 4.5 inch screen on the device, the PureView camera with excellent low light sensitivity and the wireless charging capabilities of the phone.

Price tags for the device aren’t known yet, but according to speculations the Lumia 920 will cost Rs. 40,000 (converts roughly to $736 USD), which is pretty steep. Customers can apparently pre-order Lumia 920 for Rs. 2,000 ($36.81) deposit. Do you own a Lumia 920? Let us know your experience with the device and Windows Phone 8 OS using the comment form below.

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