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Nokia rumored to sell off its mobile unit to Microsoft and Huawei

After years of lousy performance in selling handsets, the new Nokia Lumia 920 seemed to have finally caught the attention of consumers following good sales of the said unit. Other previous Lumia models had no such luck though, extending the string of flops for the once number one mobile maker in the world. But according to Tristan Louis, a Forbes magazine contributor and founder of Keepskor, Nokia’s renewed vigor to regain a sizeable market share in the lucrative smartphone market will eventually lead to nothing. According to Mr Louis, this year will see lots of movements in the smartphone sector, including Nokia’s voluntary departure from the smartphone business.

Louis wrote: “The biggest shocker (and what I suspect will be my most controversial prediction), though, will be the the [sic] departure of Nokia from the phone business as the company sells its mobile operation and infrastructure divisions to Huawei in order to focus on software and services. With the company’s bet on Windows [Phone] 8 having failed in the marketplace, it will see Microsoft (MSFT) and Huawei competing for the mobile device division and will eventually sell its smartphone group to Microsoft and the rest of its telecom interests to Huawei.”

But unlike the previous predictions of Louis that were supported by months of speculation and rumors (including the one that said Amazon and Microsoft would be launching a phone), his most recent one regarding Nokia’s departure from the mobile business is clearly a wild guess at best. He did not offer any other supporting proof for his prediction and the connection between Huawei and Microsoft looked haphazard guesses without strong logical substance.

Nokia’s string of losses and resulted to six straight quarterly losses, but the company had not given any hint that it would be leaving the smartphone sphere at this time. The company was rumored back then to have plans of selling its mobile division to Microsoft, but it immediately issued statements that there was no such deal being considered.

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