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Nokia Sending Out Windows Phone 7.8 Update to First Gen Lumia Smartphones


When it comes to Windows Phones these days, the only reliable name that comes to mind is Nokia with its Lumia range of WP smartphones. The manufacturer has been carrying the baton for Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system ever since Windows Phone 7.5 was launched in 2011. These smartphones however were heading towards their inevitable doom as Microsoft dropped a bomb on everybody by saying that Windows Phone 7.8 is all these users would get as it was moving to Windows Phone 8 which required a different kernel to work with. Since this announcement was made in June, people have been constantly firing against Microsoft and with good reason. Smartphones like the Lumia 900 were launched merely months before the Windows Phone 8 announcement was made, so there was some sense of shock and surprise among the users. However, that’s behind them now and the company began working with Windows Phone OEMs to provide the Windows Phone 7.8 update to older legacy devices. And as expected, Nokia is the first to benefit from this as the Finns have now formally announced the rolling out of the update to its Lumia smartphones.

The update is being sent out to the first gen Lumia smartphones, which include the likes of the Lumia 900, the Lumia 800, the Lumia 710, the Lumia 610 as well as the Lumia 510. It’s finally here, Windows Phone users would say and this is the best their smartphone will ever get. The update has been confirmed to be live in the UK, but we’re not quite sure if Nokia is sending out the update simultaneously all over the world or if this is a partial region specific roll out. Nokia however claims that the update will be finished within the course of February and its entire first gen Lumia lineup will have the said update. The update will require users to connect to their PC/Notebook with Zune for Windows PCs and Windows Phone app for Mac machines. This new update will bring a bundle of features making it on par with most smartphones in the market today. Features like Bluetooth Sharing, Internet Sharing, Play To, Nokia City Lens and Contact Share are said to be on board along with Camera Extras which brings forth a set of enhancements to the stock camera app. To know if the update is live, users should make sure they enable notifications in SettingsPhone Update and check the Notify me when new updates are found option.

Don’t freak out if you don’t receive the update immediately, as Nokia clearly mentions in its blog post that the update could be carrier dependent. Overall, the update should be live on all the aforementioned Lumia smartphones by the end of February. Owners of older WP smartphones made by Samsung and HTC would be hoping to get the update soon. Nokia has uploaded a video detailing the features of the update, make sure you give that a glance.

Source: Nokia Conversations
Via: GSM Arena

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