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Nokia Lumia Smartphones Sold Better Than Expected in Q4 2012: Nokia


Nokia Lumia smartphones got off to a decent start with better than average sales reported at AT&T stores during the initial few days of the launch. This followed with the holiday season too as people grew exceedingly curious to get hold of the latest and greatest Lumia smartphone. And now, the company has come out with a word that the past quarter i.e. the fourth quarter of 2012 reaped great results for them. They even stated that the quarter gave out better results than they had expected, so we’re guessing Nokia had very low expectations to begin with. Regardless, it’s good to know that Nokia which has been struggling to keep up with the market in terms of sales has finally something to smile about.

To give you the exact numbers, Nokia in total sold about 6.6 million “smart devices” in Q4 2012 which doesn’t include S40 phones like the popular Asha series of handsets. So Nokia’s list of smart devices consists of the standard Symbian Anna/Belle smartphones and Nokia Lumia smartphones. And the good news for Nokia is that out of the 6.6 million smart devices that it sold, 4.4 million were Lumia smartphones. The sales numbers in itself is not interesting, but it’s the fact that Nokia Lumia smartphones have outsold the other smart devices (Symbian smartphones) which has gotten the company excited. These Symbian phones made up for the remaining 2.2 million of sales. AT&T was selling the Lumia 920 for a great deal, so I guess that was a factor. But the numbers don’t just include the Lumia 920 or the 820 but even the Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones like the Lumia 610, 510 etc which are widely popular in developing nations. On a separate note, Nokia’s Asha series of handsets and other Nokia feature phones sold over 9.3 million units. Since these cover a whole different mobile segment all together, one can’t take its numbers into account.

We can certainly see the numbers come down for Nokia’s Symbian smart devices in due time, but feature phones will continue to sell. But even here Samsung is closing in on Nokia as evidenced by the Q3 2012 sales numbers. Lumia smartphones however will certainly have to pick up pace if it were to keep Nokia’s boat floating for the coming years. Failing which, we can see the company being taken over (which has been discussed on several occasions). With the Lumia 920 and the 820 launching in a few other key markets this month, things could certainly change for Nokia. The problem with its WP8 flagships have been limited availability and if the company can sort that out, we can surely see those sales numbers increasing. I’m sure Nokia will increase expectations with its devices after witnessing the Q4 2012 results.

Source: Nokia
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